What is best cleaner for acrylic tub/shower units?

sis2twoNovember 30, 2009

After eight years I recently found out you should not use dow scrubbing bubbles on acrylic. Who knew? Does anyone know what is recommended for them? I never noticed any problems but actually just read this recently on garden web. Thanks for any ideas.

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YES! I use a product called Gel Gloss. I buy it at Lowes. It's a bit more involved but it's worth it. You spray it on, clean, let it dry and buff. It's amazing how much longer your tub stays cleaner. You might try doing a search on the bathroom forum for "gel gloss".

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Why are you not supposed to use Scrubbing Bubbles on acrylic surrounds? That's what we've been using for years....

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stir fryi--I recently read this somewhere and then looked at the back of the can and sure enough it says not to use it on acrylic. A shame because it has always worked really well.

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If you try the Mr Clean eraser, try it in inconspicuous spot first. I'm thinking it might scratch the acrylic.

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