Fall Decorated Cabinets and Tablescape

phonegirlSeptember 24, 2013

It's fall and even tho I'm really not an orange fan I seem tend to have more orange than the
other colors. Perhaps I need to start rethinking while out shopping. I reset my sand & sea ts
to Fall. Also added fall decor to the two buffets while I had so much out.

I think this could work till Thanksgiving if need b.LOL

Picked up the Spode pitcher and tea pot at TJ Maxx.

This is the only fall decor in the living room.

This last night shot shows the complete ts.

Hope your ready to fall with me.

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I love it Punk...all so warm & cozy and FALL looking !
Great job on your cabinets and buffet...even living room has a nice
'splash' of Fall with the beautiful flowers.
This all most certainly will bring you thru to Thanksgiving.
All you have to do is add some 'Spooky Stuff' in between for Halloween ! lol
Your TS looks really pretty with the colorful tc and the all
the nice accents. Love the Glass sherberts and glass plates and the Spode Tea Pot & Pitcher.
Are the chargers the leaf ones from Walmart? .I like how they set off your placesettings.
Your buffet looks nice with the pumpkins and gourds.
Cabinet behind your table with the white
and orange pumpkins and pretty florals looks really festive.
I'm not an orange person either, but if IS Fall..
I like the fact that it can be mixed in with different colors like you did.
I'm jealous...you got this done pretty quickly and now all
you have to do is enjoy it - like you said thru to Thanksgiving!
This was nice to see and really creates the mood for Fall.


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I always enjoy the 'Fall' colors so much, punk! I am esp loving your t'cloth & napkins for the linens...beautiful Fall colors & textures!

Your new TJMaxx Spode is really FESTIVE for FALL! Cool finds! don't ya love checkin' out TJMaxx!! Each place setting is so beautiful on this t'scape... lots of 'layering' & I love the clear apple snack plates over the green plates!! (I knew there was a reason I should have bought some of those apple snack plates I just saw the other day @thrift shop!) Aaarghh...I forgot the reason 'why' ...so you jogged my memory!

The cabinets are gorgeous!! ... candlelight & pinecones, too ~~ two of my faves. Yup, pumpkins & the color 'orange' ...well, that's Fall ... love everything you did here! Lucky girl! TFS! ~~Jeanne

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Fabulously Fall!!

Colors are perfect and I'm in love with your new pitcher and teapot!

Yup! It could stay until Thanksgiving!! Unless, of course, you find some other spectacular dishes that you "have" to use. LOL

Nice job and you did it so quickly!!


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The Energizer Bunny strikes again! And I love how every bit of your work looks! I've never been a fan of orange either, but somehow, during the Fall I seem to really like and enjoy it in my house.

And yes, it should stay for Thanksgiving. ;o) When I was really into my decorating, I moved a few Fall decor things to put out Halloween, but mostly was able to just add the Halloween into a lot of it. I didn't get my turkey things out till after Halloween, so when I did it was a simple matter to tweak Fall into Thanksgiving.

I actually found some energy (did you or someone else here send me some thru Cyberland? LOL) and got all my Fall decorating finished this past weekend. Tho nothing like you've done. So impressive.

I especially like all the florals. I think those are generally my favorite part of fall decorating

hugs, Karen

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I love it all, Punk, the evening pictures are perfect.
You combined the colors of Fall in all their splendor.
Truly lovely.

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Very cute decorations, love all the pumpkins and fall leaves. Very cozy. That pumpkin pitcher is great also! :)


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Jane, the chargers I used are my Williams-Sonoma. Great ? where my autumn ones from Walmart are. I guess it's time to hunt them down! Thanks for asking.

Jeanne, the table cloth and napkins also came from Ross or TJ Maxx. Maybe you can still pickup the apple snack plates next time your by the shop. Always lit candles for you!

Candy, I'm sure I'll be ready to change it out before Thanksgiving! Don't have anything in mind right off to share tho.haha

Karen, yea, I'll take credit for sending some energy your way! Maybe this really is what's happening when I crash on the couch from7 to 7! Hope you can share pictures soon of all your decor. I'll have to share my front door with you too.

I picked up all the florals at Walmart on clearance last year for .49 each. Even dh didn't mind me stocking up at that price.

Nana, glad you enjoyed the night pictures. I really do need to take more time with my photography.LOL

SD, hope you will be sharing more pictures of all your decor soon.

Thanks so much everyone for your sweet comments. We have such a wonderful suppotive group here.


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I took another look at your lovely table and your Spode Pitcher reminds me of mine too.

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