It's That Time Again...The Ultimate Garage Sale!

slinkeySeptember 18, 2010

I'm off again tomorrow for Upstate NY for

the Annual 'Ultimate Garage Sale'.

For those who weren't here last year...It's a

Garage Sale with Several Hundred 'GS' folks selling in

One Place!!

They do this twice a year and in the past, I've found some great bargains.

The Weather is going to be

perfect for doing my favorite thing.

Wish ALL of you could be with me...sooo

I'll try and take some pics again to share the experience.

See ya!


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Oh Jane,
I'm SOOOO jealous! Yard sales are petering out here and I'm starting on withdrawl already.

Good luck to you and have a ball!

- Magpie

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WOW, that sounds like great fun.
I'm sure you're going to find some real deals.

Looking forward to seeing what you find!!


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PLEEEEZ...take me wif you......

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Can't wait to hear all about it Jane, I know it's huge and such a big variety of things. Have a great time! Luvs

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LOL @ Karen's pic!!! That's just too cute!!! where did you get that?!

But back OT... slinkey, where is this ultimate GS located?! I'm in upstate NY!!!

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On second thought, is the cat REAL, Karen?! I have a little stinker who has learned that she can get immediate attention if she jumps onto the back door screen and hangs there! ugh! Luckily she's more important to me than the screen which can be replaced. :)

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Yes, the cat is real. There's a site with hysterical cat photos on it, new ones daily, and the captions added to the pictures keep me in stitches.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: LOL Cats

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Hi Everyone..
Got back late this afternoon and I'm so 'pooped'!
The size this time was larger than last, with so much to see.

Karen I LOVE that cat picture ... It says it all with 'No Words'...
PM... I don't know where you are in upstate NY, but the Sale was on the Stormville Airport grounds - in Stormville, NY. Are you anywhere near there?
They hold Flea Markets there (also huge), several times a year... and are also somthing to go to. My family and I have been doing that since it bagan...waaaaay back in the '70s.

Magpie...Luvs...Candy....I'm going to post pictures later on a new thread...right now DH is preparing home made Pizza...and I've got to help set the table!! lol


They do it twice a year.

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I've never heard of Stormville, Jane... mapquest says it's 200 miles SSE of me.

Karen, thanks for the link. I'll take a look.

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I wish I could go! But that means I have to empty my car! I was at CTS again yesterday. Got some good things!
You have perfect weather, and I am sure you will find some real treasures!
Enjoy, you deserve it!

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Jane, this is enough to keep me up all night just coming back to see your goodies.haha


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