Done! Faux green marble vanity bids farewell!

rjr220May 29, 2013

We've been in our house for 8 years and are slowing bringing into the 21st century. The kitchen was renovated with assistance of the kitchen forum three years ago, and now we are starting on the bathrooms. The guest bath was first, to be soon followed by the 1/2 bath with metallic striped wallpaper. The guest bath is small, being about 5 1/2 ft wide and 8 1/2 feet long. This is what we began with:

Yes, an indestructable faux green marble vanity with matching arebesque floor tile and wall tile

After three weeks of eating dust and drywall, this is the new and improved guest BR. We didn't change the layout, as it was quite functional and did not want to go to the expense of moving plumbing in a concrete slab.

Sinks: Kohler Archer
Toilet: Kohler Archer
Faucets, towel rack, hooks: Moen Voss
Med cabinet: Alfino
Granite: White galaxy
Custom cab painted BM revere pewter
Mirrors: Home depot : ) custom backlit with superbright flexible LED's
Floor and shower tiles: Casa Classica Vitality Series, Wind
Wall color: BM white dove (may paint this a bit darker)

Looking into bathroom from hall:

New floor

Shower and niches: where we could put the niches were dictated by the adjoining kitchen utility lines

This one will have a shelf in the near future

Backlit mirrors -- we love these!

Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration photos that have been posted -- and especially to Enduring for her words of wisdom for backlighting the mirrors!

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I am happy for you that you got rid of this faux green marble vanity. Now you have a serene nice looking bathroom . I am sure that every now and then you stop by this bathroom to admire it. I can't wait to do the same thing with my bathroom . Good job .

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You did a much better job with the mirrors than I did LOL! The mirror effect is great. The whole room is well done. So, are your tiled floors the same tile as your shower walls? Is it stone or porcelain? Very pretty!

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Very nice!!!

(I'll bet you don't miss the faux green marble one bit!)

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Beautiful! What an improvement. That faux marble vanity (the whole thing?? what were they thinking?) was crazy. Could you link to your finished kitchen post? I'd love to see it in relation to your beautiful new bathroom. Also, how long is your vanity?

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I love the white galaxy granite with the revere pewter cabinets! Beautiful job!!

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Thanks for the compliments. Just wrapping up HS graduation festivities for DS, bathroom reno was a big hit!

Enduring -- it's a porcelain tile, and believe it or not, it is the same exact tile on the wall that is on the floor, it just looks darker. We spent many hours pondering it, but our tiler checked lot numbers before putting it up and it is is the same -- in fact, the tile in the niches are floor tiles. Interesting that the light reflects more on the flat of the floor.

Pricklypear: the vanity is 72" long. I can't find my finished kitchen post on the kitchen forum, so here is the link to my kitchen photobucket account. There are before pictures of the white laminate cabinets with this slideshow.

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Beautiful. Another vanity question. Can you share the size of the doors and drawer stack? How far from the outer edge is the edge of the sink?

Thanks much.

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The doors are each 12 5/8 inches, and the front of each door is 15 1/2 inches, while the drawer box is 14" wide itself, and there is 6 inches from the sink to the outer edge of the counter.

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Thanks. You may have solved my vanity dilemma! Was not sure if the 6" from the side was sufficient for the sinks, but yours looks great.

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Wow!!! Very nice. Love the mirrors! Enjoy :)

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Love the colour choices! Think I am leaning towards grey for my next BR vanity. Will have to remember BM Revere Pewter. Your vanity looks very functional!

I find it interesting that (here on GW) there seems to be an almost universal aversion to granite BS in the kitchen, but I see lots in the Bathrooms! Personally, I like seeing the stone on another plane. Maybe because the room is smaller? Not sure but it seems kind of contradictory. Thanks for showing an example of where it works really well!

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The new bath is a great improvement but I have a fondness for the old floor tile.

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Raehelen -- Believe me, I pondered that granite BS heavily! However, my husband prevailed and in it went.

Palimpset -- that grout was a #$%^^## to try and clean . . . . , and it was crackly and rather grungy looking. I spared y'all a close up of that part!

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