Microfiber Cloth

donna_loomisNovember 16, 2004

I bought a new car in May (the first NEW car for me) and while I am not a clean-freak, I can't stand streaked and spotty windows. I've tried vinegar, ammonia, newspaper, cornstarch, etc., but was never happy. I remembered a microfiber cloth I bought about 10 years ago and never really used for much other than dusting and thought I'd try it, and WOW! I can't believe how beautifully it cleans the windows - and everything else. Soap scum on the shower doors, gooey residue from tape or stickers on plastic and glass. Every time I use it I try it on something different. I can't believe I let it just sit in the linen closet for 10 years.

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I know, they are wonderful. I just wish mine wouldnt collect lint from all the other towels after I wash them.

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I just learned of these coths on this forum. Got some in the automotive dept. of Wal-Mart. I've been cleaning my house for 30 yrs., and never heard of these. (or maybe didn't pay attention) Greatest invention. I'll never try to dust with anything else. This information exchange is wonderful.
I also tried the corn starch on windows. Didn't have much success. Went back to soap & H2O. Now I'll try these coths!

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A wet microfiber cloth followed by a dry one has gotten all my glass cleaner than it has ever been. I even use the microfiber cloths instead of the swiffer cloths and then throw them in the laundry. I haven't found a limit for the use of these things yet!

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Shawn I have read on this site that you wash the micro cloth seperate from towels, better just to wash them by ther selfs. Do a search on this site for microfiber cloth you should get a lot post


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Bought some yesterday. They are much nicer than the eraser, which I tried and did not like. Will be making use of them today.
Thanks for the tip.

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I have been giving them to friends and relatives by way of introducing them to the greatest thing since peanut butter!!!

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:) aren't they spiffy? I'm adopting them at an alarming rate, myself- the ones from the dollar store work just fine in the cars-

and I will admit to using them to exfoliate my legs before shaving...and to clean out my pores after a steam-cleaning (I have a little steamer at home- DH and I both have some 'large pore' issues ;)

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Chinacat: You have taken the microfiber to a whole new level. I never thought of using them on myself. Exfoliate, huh? I think I'll give it a try. Thanks.

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By the way these cloths are a wonder for cleaning the ceramic cooktops. This is whta I do to get a streak free sparkling cooktop.

Fold a papertowel in half twice, dampen it and apply about a nickel sized dollop of the cooktop cleaner to it. Rub wet papertowel all over the cooktop, then use a MIRACLE CLOTH and dry it.

Cool huh?

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When does one use microfiber cloths wet, and when to use them dry? Need tips :)

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Like Callahan, for the windows I use one wet and one dry. I have even washed my car that way. No soap at all. Just hose down the car, take the wet microfiber cloth and wash, then use the other to dry as I go. Fantastic. I use them slightly damp for dusting, a little wetter for cleaning.

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I have several of these and a mop that uses one. They tell you to wash them alone and not to use fabric softner on them. Also they rinse or wash the small ones out and use Ivory soap to clean them.
Hope this info helps you use yours.

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Somewhere, I think Ebay, I saw an ad for microfiber cloth to exfoliate or microdermabraid your face. They claimed these were better than the ones you buy everywhere. I see Chinacat uses them for exfoliation, wondered if there is a difference. Also, I bought four microfiber cloths in a package, one was for dusting, one for windows or glass, one for kitchen and one for polishing furniture. They each had a different nap and was wondering if there really is a difference. This really seemed complicated. Each cloth had a label on it, hopefully it won't fall off easily as I don't trust myself remembering what's for what.

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I've noticed there are all different fiber blends on various microfiber cloths. E-bay has what sounds like some great buys on them. What's the best fiber content on them or does it matter much?

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Instead of Swiffer wet cloths, I fill part of the sink with soap and water and wet two or three microfiber cloths and use as Swiffers. I can use them again, they work better, and I'm not throwing away yet another thing.

But they're best for glass of any sort.

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On the suggestion from the Beauty forum, I used a Miracle Cloth to wash my face this morning. My face looks and feels like I have a bad sunburn...but it's clean.

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Oh Mustang - I'm sorry but you gave me a good laugh. Reminds me of the evening some friends of ours stopped by and one side of my girlfriend's face was really red - like maybe she'd applied too much blush. Right before they left, they said they had to take some sheets back to Wal-mart because they were so rough, they could't sleep on them. That's why her face was so red! It was chapped. LOL - poor thing.


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I love these cloths I've been using them for at least 4 yrs now. I have a pile in the bathroom for my shower and another pile for cleaning. I keep one right here to dust my computor screen. I pinned one to my Wet Jet Swifter and that works good also.

I've never had a reaction to using one as a washcloth and with liquid shower soap it feels really good. Nice and soft.


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Has anyone used them on stainless steel appliances? I always wondered about them, glad to hear how useful they are. I am picking up a bunch on my next trip to WalMart.

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Where is the best place to buy them? I used to get them at Costco, but haven't seen them lately. My old ones are looking pretty dingey. thanks

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Charleney, I get mine at WalMart automotive....


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I ordered a pack of three from Solutions (online), and paid $19.something. They also had 'mitts' made of microfiber cloth, and I think those were $9.95 for two?

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I too love these things. I clean my granite countertop with them. Get a cheap spray bottle - the kind you use for spritzing plants - I found mine at the Wal-Mart garden center. Spritz water on countertop. Wipe with micro-fiber cloth. Dry with another micro-fiber cloth. I do the same thing on windows and mirrors.

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Okay, let me understand this, you don't use any cleaner with these when you wash windows? Surely not. I am really a novice with these but have recently built a new house and am looking for helpful cleaning hints as I spend the next week getting the place cleaned up and ready to move into.
Can I use the cloths with sudsy water if needed?

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You CAN use sudsy water, but the beauty of it is that you don't have to. I've discovered they are quick to take the black marks some shoes make off of linoleum and tile also. You don't even have to wet them for that purpose.

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We have the Miracle Cloth variety which we bought from the Solutions catalog. They are fantastic!! I use them to clean anything, and they do clean windows without soap. I just wet it well, wring it out so it is just damp, and wipe down the mirror or window. No streaks or lint. They also pick up dust very well. They are soft yet the microfiber texture really gets into crevices to clean.

In addition to all that, I love the colors! They make it more fun to clean. :-)


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These things really are miracles!! I have 2 great danes and lots of windows that are nose height. A wet miracle cloth cuts through dane slobber like it isn't there!! And trust me - that's a miracle :)

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I have the set from Solutions and also some from Walmart,,the only difference is the color and the price.

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This is the first that I have heard of these. I ran out and bought a pack of 20 for $11.99 at Target in the automotive section.

It made me realise how rough my hands are. It makes me feel like Peter Parker in Spider Man when the rought little grabby things started popping out on his finger tips.

So, what all can these be used for?

scuff marks on tile/linoleum

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new2gardenfl, that's the only reason I NEED to use some of the microfiber cloths wet. I have an aversion to things "grabbing" at my hands like some microfiber cloths do and it gives me the willies. So I always hold my microfiber cloth gingerly until I can wet it down. I'm the same way with SOS pads, just hate the grabby feeling if they hook on my nails or something.

I do use them dry to wipe things with but only use the ones with a shorter knap (nap?) and sometimes wear rubber gloves. Strange what some humans will do when they won't give up a good product :)

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Does it matter which brand microfiber cloth you use? I've never dried the mirror with a dry cloth. When I try to clean the mirror with a dry one, the cloth just drags along the mirror.

Any suggestions?

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Donna and Other Cleaning Mavens

Which microfiber is the best? I tried removing soap scum--my arch enemy--to no avail.

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Sandy, I don't really know of the many brand names. But I seem to remember that the box said "as seen on TV". And the ones I bought to clean my eyeglasses are from 3M.

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Costco still has them but you have to look in the automotive section. They're bright yellow and come about 30 in a pack. They are just unbelievable.

I got a bunch & my cleaning lady says she's never used anything so wonderful & she went out and bought some for herself to take to her other jobs.

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Sam's Club has them as well. A pack of 20 for about $20 if I remember correctly. Wonderful things!

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I first discovered them on the little bonnet on a mop that I got for my floors by Mr. Clean. I cleaned so great, I took another and started using it to dust. I couldn't believe it! I bought more, and gave one to my DH to keep in his car to clean the touch screen navigation. He loves it now, too. It's great for cleaning SS.

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how do you use them to exfoliate?

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I got my first ones at a craft-type booth. The ladies demonstrating these cloths said not to use "any" cleaners, just water. When the cloths get dirty, they suggested you use only a bar of Ivory soap to clean them since Ivory is nearly 100% pure. I use them for EVERYTHING. You wouldn't believe all the different things I have cleaned off my carpets with only microfiber cloths and water. For windows I use two cloths and two buckets of water. The first takes off the worst of the dirt so that bucket of water gets dirty rather quickly and the next wipes away everything else that is left. No streaks and shiny windows. I have a large microfiber mop that I use in my 20' x 20' sunroom with laminate flooring. Again I just use water. I just stripped the wallpaper off my kitchen floors in preparation for painting. I used microfiber cloths to wash the walls. They hold so much moisture that they work great for everything. But it you accidentlly toss them in the laundry don't try washing windows with it. It will leave lint.

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I found out about the virtues of them first by using them to clean my glasses. Unbelievable.

Walgreens has them for $5/doz. I'm going to pick up a dozen this week. Cheaper than anyplace else I've seen

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Cynic, just went to Wal Greens and found them. Thanks so much for the tip! Can't wait to try them out. Especially on the stainless appliances after we get moved into our newly remodeled home.

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I just bought the last pack that my Walgreens here had. They were 12 for $5, and are blue. They did have the pack that had 4 different types in one box, each for a different purpose, for $6 something.

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I need to get back up there and buy some more. I sent my aunt to get some for herself and at all the Wal Greens she went to they were out. I have really enjoyed using mine and we are about to move into a new house that we remodeled and I can't wait to get in there and clean with them.

Thanks for the great tips you guys. I never would have found them or known about how many uses they have. This is a great forum!

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I just went to Wal Greens and they are sold out !

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Hi, I purchased one of theses last week and used it to clean my car at the weekend. Like you've all said it worked wonders! I was very impressed. I put it in the washing machine afterwards and after drying it seems to have shrunk a little, that isn't to much of a problem because it was a very big for my hand in the first place. Does anyone know how long it will last? How many uses to you think I would get out of it before having to buy a new one? Many thanks for your help. Emma

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They can be used and washed hundreds of times.

I wash mine in the regular cycle, warm water, strong agitation, regular detergent, Oxi Clean, and extra soak time. I rinse twice and put white vinegar in the softener dispenser, to remove any hard water residue that could stiffen the soft fibers. Wash them separately (no other towels or lint-giving fabrics). I tumble dry low and did not notice any shrinkage with mine.

After years of scrubbing, they can become less fluffy as some of the fibers mat down, but they still work great for lots of cleaning.

I have different brands, different sizes and textures for different uses. But my main microfiber cloth is the pack of 10 yellow ones in the Costco automotive aisle. I have 30 in active use and 3 more packs stored just in case Costco quits carrying them.

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Are these the ones you get at Costco??

Here is a link that might be useful: Zwipes

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The Costco cloths I purchased aren't on the website but in the stores. It is a pack of 36 cloths 16" X16". The name is Detailers Preference. The logo has a Harley type wing on it. Hope this helps but I'm sure the Zwipes will work just as well.

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I got these and LOVE them. They make every cleaning job so quick and easy! Swish-swish and it's all clean. I like these so much I'm buying some for my son as a surprise.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zwipes Microfiber 36-Pack of Cleaning Cloths

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Wow Oceanna, that is a great price and nice sized ones, with free shipping if you order 2 packs. I just ordered 2 packs of them myself and will have plenty to share.


    Bookmark   September 15, 2010 at 4:59AM
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