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cyberdancerAugust 24, 2012

Hi everyone! I have a cloche with a glass bird on top as the knob. I don't know why I feel uncomfortable using it for other seasons besides spring. I'm ok with summer and Christmas,but not so much with Fall. Would you use it for Fall? Would you disguise it in any way...cover the bird with leaves or something? Please let me know what you think.


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Hi CD,
Try tying a ribbon bow around the base of the bird in a fall color to match what you are placing in the cloche.
You could also tuck in a small flower, stalk of wheat, a fall floral pick, or any other small piece that seems fall-like to add to the fall feeling.
I think that might make it seem more like fall and less spring-like for you.


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I love birds in decor, so I probably wouldn't hide it. I like Candy's ideas to give your little bird a Fall look. But the main thing is for YOU to enjoy seeing it decorated, so if you are happier by hiding the bird with some foliage or fall picks, you should do it. You could probably cut out the bottom of one of the little faux pumpkins and slip it right over the bird too. ;o)

Hope you can share pictures with us.
hugs, Karen

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Welcome, I think birds can be used all year long so would add something as Candy or Karen suggested if it helps you feel better about using it through the year. It's amazing how the different colors change the same thing through the year.


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Thank you,ladies!
Yes, I'll just embellish it to the hilt! LOL
If I end up using it I'll try and get some help with posting a pic for you. Thanks again.

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Good luck, cyberdancer! These gals are pro's! And you might want to browse the Holiday Inspiration Album on 'Cloches & Apothecary Jars' that Purplemoon created for this forum of Holiday-ers' ideas! There's a 'Fall' decor album there, too! Yes, please share a pic...we luv 'em! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Holiday Inspiration Album 'Cloche & Apothecary Jars'

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Thank you Jeanne. Oh, I know I came to the right place. I visit this forum quite often,found it way back when Judithva was here.I'm just a person of few words and I don't Know how to post pictures, so that leaves me out of the loop. I have chimed in from time to time but not often enough that anyone would remember.I have viewed the albums and enjoy every ones posts. Keep up the great decorating everyone! BTW I also don't really decorate. I'm a plant collector,so plants rule my life. I live vicariously through all of you.

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