Help! How do I remove Bona Kemi Cleaner?!

christinemkNovember 27, 2006

Bona Kemi has left a reside all over our floors. How can I remove this? The residue makes our new floor look disgusting and dusty/dirty. It is in the hand scraping and heavy grain, and doesn't appear to be in the smooth parts.

Thank you,


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If I were you.I'd contact the company and see what they recommend. Are you talking about the cleaner or the restorer product?

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This is not typical of this product. My guess is you used too much aand/or waited too long to wash the floor. The purpose of the cleaner is to clean it before using the Restorer. To wash the floor you just use a water on the Kemi pad. So to get rid of it, all you have to do is use the Restorer. No need to rinse.

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I am aware that this is supposedly not typical of this VERY popular product. I can take a brand new board out of a box that has never been installed, mist Bona on it, and wipe it IMMEDIATELY and see the tiny white spots beginning to appear as it dries. We have not used too much, unless lightly misting it is too much. Bona has a mild detergent in it according to what I have been told. I have several bottles of the cleaner (the refresher is not for this type of problem, nor has Bona offered it as a solution at this time). Our installers were the first to use Bona on the floors. I observed their simple mist and wipe method. The first signs of residue were after their initial cleaning. I thought it was dust, so I used Bona again to remove the "dust" and realized that it was the Bona leaving a film, and not dust on my floor. We have cleaned this floor according to Bona's instructions, but our floor looks terrible. It was such a pretty floor before the use of this product. I was hoping that some of the people who have also had poor results mentioned on this forum would be able to tell me how or if they removed this. Water alone doesn't touch this is stuck in our floor. We have also been told you do not need to rinse this product. At this point, until Bona gives us an answer, or we find one elsewhere, I am doing nothing but vacuuming. We need to be able to clean the floors as allergies are of concern and that is why I have posted here.
Thanks for any help.

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Vinegar is often recommended for wood floors, and it is also known for cutting soap scum residue, so that is what I'd try here. I've also seen recommendations for 1/4 cup vinegar per quart of water, which might be a good place to start, increasing the vinegar if it doesn't do what you need it to.

Jean Marie

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Don't use vinegar. You are misunderstanding the point of the cleaner. It is not a cleaner for everyday maintenance. It is used, perhaps leaving a film, for a pre-prep for the /Refresh/Restorer.
To clean the floor, you DAMPEN the pad with water , not soaking wet, and clean with that. It will get rid of your current film and also keep your floors sparkling. The trick is to keep the pad clean. If you are cleaning with a dirty pad you will get a dirty floor.

I had dark floors, lived on a dusty farm, and had animals come in the house with dirty paws. Cleaning the floor with the pad was very very effective. After six months or so, because of heavy use, I would use the cleaner, and then the Refresh/Restorer. I had like new floors.

Really, you should try this. The product is a good one and it is misuse that seems to create this confusion.
Good luck! Your floors sound beautiful. And floor installers have a lot of misinformation.

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I apologise for missing the part that it is stuck in crevices and you have allergies. I can't answer your question since I never had this problem.
Perhaps you could try scrubbing by hand (UGH!) the floor with a microfiber pad or cloths damped with water and get it out.
Good luck.

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I'm confused hamtonmeadow. Are you saying that you only use Bona twice a year and are just cleaning your floor with a damp microfiber pad? I agree, that would probably work. My cleaning woman uses the Bona every two weeks and I don't see a build up. Don't mean to sound stupid here. I wasn't sure I was getting what you said exactly.

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We have used Bona the way the manufactuer of it suggests. They, as well as the company who manufactured the floor, say to not use a damp pad on the floor. They say to spray Bona cleaner right out of the bottle and wipe immediately with the microfiber mop/pad. We have tried scrubbing and cannot get the cleaner out of the crevices, heavy grain, or handscraping on the floor. We have not misused this product and can prove that to anyone who enters our home and watches us spray a board, and let it dry. The process of build up occurs very fast. Our installers sprayed it just once and it got the dusty look after one cleaning. At this point, if we were to use vinegar and water the manufacturer will void the warranty. Meanwhile we are stuck with Bona stuck in our floor.

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I just used Bona as it was recommended by many and it also left a film on my brand new hardwood floors. I bought the product for general cleaning of spots, etc. Any help with this problem!

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Don't know if this will help anyone or not but this has been my experiance in using "Bona" harwood floor cleaner.
Built our house 3 yrs ago and put down 2000 sq ft of Brazilian Tigerwood engineered flooring. From day one everyone told us to use Bona cleaner. Abt. 6 mo's ago we noticed smudge marks and footprints all over the house and wifes bare feet would be black on the bottom. So we started cleaning more frequant with the bona and it kept getrting worse. we were following Bona's dirctions to a Tee. So then we purchased a " shark " hardwood and carpet cleaning machine, still following Bona's directions. Still had the same problem, then one day right after cleaning one part of the floor I took a damp paper towel and rubbed over a board and a BLACK residue came up on to the towel. So then we went on the hunt, called the mfg'r, no help, went to the distributor no help, except SHE said she uses "Armstrong cleaner " on her's, called Bona they said to call mfg'r. So after many hrs of research we decided to use the viniger, water and dawn method. It has helped tremendously, however it will take many cleanings before this Bona build up is gone. What sealed the deal that it was the Bona was it dawned on us to use the damp paper towel method under one of the beds where we didnt use Bona and the towel came out CLEAN !! Mix 1/2 cup white viniger and a tsp. of Dawn liquid soap to 1 gal. water
spray floor lightly and using a micro-fiber mop the floor the same direction the boards are running. I figure we'll have to mop for a yr before this gunk's finally gone. Hope this helps

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You can read my post on GardenWeb, But I'm more than positive that the BONA is whats leaving a residue on my floors. Problem is, been using this crap for 3 yrs so I've got 3 yrs of build up to work thru. It may be the chemical reactgion in the wood and Bona thats causing the problem. I dont know and no one will tell me. But try this, it'll take more than once I'm sure. 1 gal warm water, 1/2 cup white viniger, 1 tsp dawn dish soap using a micro fiber flat mop spritz the floor lightly and run the mop over it using some pressure, if your mop gets real dirty before your done rinse it out or you may just spread the gunk around.

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I had the same problem, my floor was very dull looking so I started to wash it with water and alcohol. I sprayed the floor and used one rag to wash it then another to dry it,I found that drying it helped a lot. I filled a spray bottle nearly full adding about a cup of alcohol and did this on my hands and knees. It took a few times and I started to notice the shine coming back now my floor is perfect and it does seem to resist most spots

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

I have been told and read many times not to use Bona for this very reason.

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