Not exactly a cleaning question/KOA Kamping Kabins

justretiredNovember 11, 2012


We recently sold our travel trailer but still want to live the camping life to some degree. My husband is really pushing to stay at KOA campgrounds and staying in their camping cabins. I am, however, a little (OK, a lot!) paranoid about head lice and/ or bedbugs living in the beds. Has anyone had any experience with the cabins? Can you allay my fears? Or stoke them LOL!!

Any suggestions on cleaning products or sprays that I can use prior to laying out the sleeping bags? Years ago my niece went to a youth gathering and they stayed in cabins. She ended up with lice that spread throughout the family (5 kids/parents) and took forever to get under control. That was a nightmare!!!!

Thanks, JR

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I would recommend you follow bedbug prevention protocal when you stay in a KOA Kamoing Kabin. If possible, use hard-sided not fabric suitcases. Don't put suitcases/clothes in the dressers (set on counter in bathroom is best), carefully inspect beds before sleeping in them. When you get home, put the suitcases outside or in a separate area of the house and WASH everything, then wipe down/spray the suitcase, in & outside. Read a few articles on preventing them & if you feel you can comfortably follow the tips & enjoy your trips, go for it. If you're going to fret the whole time, it may not be worth it.

As far as head lice goes, I'd be less fearful of that, bedbugs seem to be much harder to eradicate. You could carry your own pillows or pillowcases if it helps you. I stayed at a fleabag motel a couple years ago & remember having a hard time going to sleep. I let myself imagine all the germs/bugs/nasties on the bed/sheets/blanket.

Here is a link that might be useful: tips article

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Can't help you with the bed bug question but, but chances are very good that your niece caught head lice from another camper, not from sleeping in the cabin.

Head lice is very immobile when not attached to the hair and cannot survive very long off the head -- you are unlikely to catch it from any bedding. You are 100 times more likely to catch it from head to head contact with an infested person.

Trust me -- as the mom of two girls with long hair -- I know!

Bed bugs, from what understand, are a walk in the park compared to head lice.

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Thank you for your replies. If we DO stay in the cabins as we travel it would just be pull in/sleep and leave in the morning. So no suitcases or anything. Maybe a small overnight bag. But for sure placed an hard surfaces (we are conscious of that at hotels, also). Not a big fan of hotels either---I usually bring my own Lysol wipes and clean the knobs, remote etc. LOL

We do have to bring our own bedding as that is not provided/would rather do that anyway.

Sounds as though I don't have to worry so much about lice.

Thanks again.


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I also have a fear/dislike of motels. My sister used to work as a chambermaid. She used one cloth for cleaning the entire room, everything from wiping the toilet handle to the sink knobs to the tub to the phone and TV remote. It's the way she was taught by the owners. And I have personally observed motel cleaners do the same thing when I've stayed in motels. If I must stay in a motel, I keep my clothes on and sleep on top of the bed.

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Jannie, "top of the bed" is not clean by any means, too many quickie visits during the day or night.

You might think about removing the bedspread and laying out your sleeping bag on top of the blanket.

You can make your own toilet seat covers using a 13-gallon size trash bag cut in half. Cut hole smaller than seat opening. Paper covers do very little if anything for protection. Do not flush the plastic cover.

You can also place throw away plastic or latex gloves over each sink handle/knob, maybe toilet flush handle. Or carry plastic wrap like used in the kitchen and wrap each handle. A small can of Lysol Spray comes in handy too.

In reality, why bother staying overnight anywhere when you have to go to such measures to protect your health. Nothing like home sweet home!

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Krissie, you are right. I can't travel at all right now because I'm caregiver to my severly disabled husband. I can't risk leaving him home alone. He can barely get out of bed. What if he fell? What if he had a bathroom accident? Who would clean him? How could he cook for himself? And take care of our 3 pets? So it's home-sweet-home for me until further notice. I don't really worry about travelling since I can't do it. Sorry for the Pity Party.

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Jannie, I admire you! Taking care of our husbands should always be number one on our lists.

Shortly after my husband retired we started traveling, I enjoyed seeing other parts of the world. Unfortunately after 3 trips overseas my blood pressure spiked to almost stroke territory putting a stop to our travels. Three local internists and two cardiologists were unable to properly diagnose the problem. After about 10 years of blood pressure spiking and stalling out after walking a few feet with no message for feet to move I saw a hypertension specialist at a teaching hospital in a major city and was properly diagnosed. Most doctors are not aware of "hidden-hyperventilation" causing the vital organs to be deprived of oxygen. Not sure how much longer my organs could have lasted on so little oxygen without failing.

I enjoy watching TV international house hunting shows. It is one way to see other parts of the world.

Being a caregiver for a loved one is very rewarding and at the same time very stressful. I took care of my mother-in-law for 5 years. After doctors gave up on her and expected her to die anytime, she lived for another 4 years. Her doctor told me she was alive due to the good care I gave her. I do not believe on giving up on a person. Our time on earth is not for us to know, only God knows that, and in the meantime we love them, take care of them, treasure them until that day comes.

God Bless you!

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I worry about that just staying in a hotel, but not bad enough to give up travel. I don't think the odds would be any worse in cabins or tent cabins then motels. I would take a look before I paid.

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krissie wrote, Our time on earth is not for us to know, only God knows that, and in the meantime we love them, take care of them, treasure them until that day comes.

that is so true & well said!

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Thank you everyone for your replies. Guess I will just take reasonable precautions if, indeed, we decide to stay in the cabins.

Jannie: I think what you are doing for your husband is truly wonderful. God bless you.


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My favorite way of camping was with a fold up tent trailer, kept enough stuff in it so we didn't have to pack anything except our food and clothes. When it was hot you could fold back the cover to let a breeze in. We belonged to a' national club and a local club of campers. It was great fun. Great memories.

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