Dishwasher- from Frigidaire to Miele

stevegs1May 12, 2012

Finally after 6 years of Frigidaire &$@! , a Miele 5975 SCSFSS will be installed today! Six years ago we purchased a new home with Frigidaire professional series appliances. With the exception if the microwave, they have all had more than their share of issues. The most problematic was the dishwasher. The lower and upper wash arms (twice) control panel, gaskets (twice)were replaced. Fortunately we had an extended warranty, when the upper wash arm broke apart for the third time, they offered to replace the unit. We received a brand new unit two years ago. Within one week, the motor began to emanate a loud screeching noise reminiscent of Fran Drescher as the Nanny. Repair guy comes out, replaced the main and drain pumps. It was better for a while, but the noise returned on a very intermittent basis.

Of course, out of warranty, the noise is now more pronounced, and the lower wash arm began making a thumping sound. To top it off , a couple of weeks ago I noticed a couple of tines were loose- turned out they were rusted! So rusted that they broke off. I pulled the baskets out and found another section that was beginning to rust.

We have been saving for a Miele for quite some time, and finally decided to take the plunge. I went to our dealer this week- we had planned on purchasing a 5705. Right next to the 5707was a 5975-marked as a floor demo and priced at 1850.00 price difference of about 130.00. I couldn't pass it up - it will be here this afternoon.

Thanks to all of the great discussions on this forum we are confident we made the right decision. I am hoping it will be as terrific as our Miele S7 vacuum.

The refrigerator will be replaced in the next year or two. We replaced three ice makers, two bin assemblies for the ice crusher, and a water valve , in warranty. Out of warranty we replaced another ice crusher bin assembly and the evaporator motor.

It will definately not be another Frigidaire.

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Nice. Please post some pictures of your new unit.
The 5705 is the Dimension Plus and is one step down from the top-model 5975 Diamond. Since these are only 1 year old, I'm surprised that a dealer was already selling it as a floor model, especially at $1850, when the retail is around $2400-26000 I believe. Is it also coming with the Miele 5 year warranty? I know brand new Diamond models do, but not sure if it's a floor model.

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Install went very smoothly. He spent extra time insuring the unit was perfectly level. I was surprised at the difference in weight. The installer easily carried the Frigidaire out to the front porch, and made the comment "I won't be able to do this with the new one." Had the new one on a dolly, you could tell it was much heavier.

Thank you for mentioning the warranty, I did not catch that the Diamond had a five year warranty. When I was at te store I asked if it came with a full warranty and was told yes, it came with the manufacturers one year warranty. I was offered and accepted a four year store extended warranty for 139.00. I will check with the store and Miele; it may have been an oversight on the salesmans part.

I noticed a couple of nicks on the handle when I was at the store, and asked if it was possible to get a new one- they agreed to order me a new one and are shipping it out.

We are thrilled with the unit- still trying to figure out how to post pics.......should have those shortly.

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Here are some pics....................

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Futura Diamond

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Enjoy your Miele - we love ours - but ditch the cascade...
After a few years with our Miele - we had a minor problem (covered by warranty through Miele) and the repairman left samples of the Miele DW cubes.
Wow - what a difference. Before they were clean, now the dazzle.

To post - set up a photobucket (or similar account), upload pictures to PB - you will see an HTML code - copy that and paste into GW

It will look like garbage until you click on preview.

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About the detergent - I agree that Cascade is the worst brand you can use.
The original Miele tabs were good and cleaned well. But the new ones that came out in October 2010 are not as good and don't clean as well as the original ones. Also, the new ones create a lot of suds, which I had a tech come out - he said suds aren't good for the parts, but it did it even using half a tab.
I've been using the Method Smarty tabs since then. To me half of a Method tab cleans better than the (newer) Miele tabs, and also does create suds. If Miele ever redoes their tabs, I'd be willing to try them again.

For rinse aid, I tried the Cascade at the beginning for a week, but was "sticky" on glasses and had a chemical smell. I then got the Miele Rinse Aid and have been using it for 2 years now - no chemical smell.

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Thanks a2gemini and fauguy for the info- we've ran five loads of dishes since Saturday - the dishwasher is fantastic!

We cook quite a bit. Used the Pots and pans, normal, sensor, and heavy soil cycles. Everything comes out perfectly clean!

I'm still on a giant box of Cascade :), it was the only soap that worked well in the Frigidaire. Using a tablespoon in the main soap compartment, and a teaspoon in the prewash compartment, if needed. Picked up some Method Smarty tabs and will try those as well.
Still getting used to the basket configuration, it is quite amazing how many items fit with a little "out of the box" thinking.

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Congrats on your new Miele. I fell in love with the Diamond but there was no way, no how I could spend that much on a dishwasher. I would have jumped on a display model in a heartbeat, if they had one though. (I DID get a display Icon double oven and Display Wolf cooktop, so I guess I got my share) I didn't need all the doodads on the Diamond so when I took my eyes off all the bells and whistles and really looked at the features I used, I got the Futura Classic which might be the bottom of the line model. I've had it less than a week, and it cleans like nobody's business. My dishes actually gleam! My only slight complaint, which may not be the dishwasher's's louder than I imagined. The installer told me that most cabinet openings were 24" but ours was about an inch larger. It's not annoyingly loud, but I can hear it running in the adjacent room, where I couldn't tell that the Diamond was running when I was standing right next to it in the showroom. There was a Viking we looked at too, and it was the same thing... we had to look for indications it was running.

We got the Finish Quantum Tabs based on a post I read on here and they work very very well.... I highly recommend! That's what we plan on buying in the future, hoping we can find a Costco deal.

Enjoy your new machine!

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Our cabinet opening was 24" as we first had a GE Profile followed by an Electrolux before we got the Miele. But I believe the Miele actually calls for a slightly smaller opening, like 23 7/8" or 6/8. It still fit fine in our 24". I wonder why your opening is 25"? The installer probably had to use longer screws on the side-mounts for it to fit.

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Hello all,it has been a little over two weeks, and the Miele has been performing beatifully! Thanks fauguy for the recommendation of the smart tabs,- both cascade and the tabs seem to be working well, but the dishwasher smells a bit fresher with the tabs. I think i will try some of the miele brand rinse agent after my jet dry runs out.
I used the crystal setting for all of my dust laden glassware, and the tall setting to wash my range racks with excellent results. The appliance store did send me a replacement handle, and credited me the extended warranty , since i have confirmed with Miele that the machine is warrantied for 5 years.
I wish Miele made a french door fridge with ice and water the door:) its a must have for my better half; so it looks like kichenaid wlll win this one. The frdgidaire has gotta go!

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I too wish that Miele mad other "standard size US" appliances, such as a free-standing fridge/free combo and an induction range (cook top/oven combo). But since they are German based, they do everything as separate built-in units, which means they can't be installed in our kitchen.

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