Smell from my Bissell Steam Mop

monicakm_gwNovember 29, 2009

I've had and loved my Bissell steam mop for 5 years. Never a problem. The last two times I've used it, it's produced a really horrible odor. A wet dog/dirty sock smell. I've tracked it down to coming from the mop head it's self. Not the water bottle and not the mop pad. You're not supposed to use any type of cleaning product in the water bottle but in an effort ot eliminate the over powering odor, I added some vinegar to the water. It helped but got stronger and stronger each time I refilled the water bottle (without vinegar). Has this happened to anyone else and were you able to fix the issue?



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Maybe you need to change your mop head or remove the mop head and soak it in baking soda

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Have you tried replacing the filter?

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Yes to changing the filter. As a matter of fact, the filter is nearly new. The mop may have been used 2-3 times before the smell started.
I don't know that Bissell sells a replacement part like a mop head. If I have to go that route, I'd just buy a new machine...I DO LOVE this steam mop! I may get adventurous and see if I can take it apart.


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The next time you use it sprinkle some bakig soda on the floor and run the cleaner over it. That should get into the mop head and may get rid of the smell

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oilpainter, just to be sure we're talking about the same "part", when I say "mop head", I'm referring to the plastic housing where the steam comes from. Sounds like maybe you're talking about the mop "pad"...the microfiber pad that comes off and goes in the washer. I don't see how running over baking soda could eliminate an odor coming from within the mop head.

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i love this vac and steam for my hardwood floors but i do to have this smell and to me it smells like piss i have tried everything to get the smell out is there anything that i can do

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I got mine for this past Christmas and have only used it a few times because it smells terriable! Would a brand new one need a new cartridge to get rid of the smell?

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