Anyone heard from Karen?

christmascandyAugust 29, 2013

Karen has not posted anything lately and I sent her an email a week ago with no response.

That is not like her, so I was wondering if anyone had heard from her recently??


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Candy, she commented on my summer fun table yesterday.

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She commented on my progress here, too, Candy ...try another email...may have went to Cyberspace. ;-) Jeanne S.

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Candy, I got your second email (still need to answer it) but I never got the first one. ? Thanks for checking up on me, I know I've been a total dud for waaay too long. The Fibro pain, and the summer heat, have just sent me into hermit mode for the most part. Don't seem to want to do anything, and I mean anything!!! No longer can sleep at all during the night, so either sleep mornings or take long afternoon naps. Not good for getting anything done or being productive. And being so useless isn't good mentally either.

I have UN-decorated some. :o( After 2 yrs of being stored, I gave my Valentine decorations to a good friend. "Tried" to do same with my summer beach decor stuff. My daughter likes it a lot and took some, but wish she'd taken it all. St Paddy stuff survived the cut, LOL.
I'm Irish and didn't want any mad little leprechauns coming after me. Halloween is up for debate, have quite a bit I use to put out in family-room and bay window...but it stayed stored last year or two as well. I do know I will be decorating for Fall. My favorite of ALL. (which is silly considering we don't even have Fall in Phoenix! But the DAY the Calendar says its Fall, I'm decorating!!).

I just can't seem to find my decorating spirit, and its been mostly gone the last 2 yrs! Hard to believe its been that long. I can't justify keeping stuff if I'm not going to decorate with it. I have a LOT of Easter, that is definitely going to get cut way back when I can find good homes for it. I'm not too keen on taking my things to Goodwill for some reason.

Anyway, I lurk here and hope most of our gang will be back soon. Nana...and those of you keeping things going....I love you! :o) This Forum is still my favorite place to be!
hugs, Karen

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