Should I wait for new Wolf microwave?

jelloiceMay 31, 2013

I am remodeling my kitchen, and expect to have it completed this year. I am planning to install the Wolf convection steam oven (CSO24). Last week I found out about WolfâÂÂs new product rollout ( and noticed that the new 24" microwave with the dropdown door (MSDD24) appears to be a design match for the CSO24. I would like to mount the new microwave immediately above the steam oven. The CSO doesnâÂÂt need a trim kit, and if the microwave doesnâÂÂt need one either, I could reduce the stack width from 30â to 24âÂÂ. ThatâÂÂs a lot of additional cabinet space in the adjoining cabinets, so IâÂÂm willing to leave a spot vacant for the microwave until it becomes available. I am also motivated to wait for the new microwave because the current microwave offerings from Wolf require a 30â trim kit, and theyâÂÂre so ugly that if I left them on the curb for the donation truck, theyâÂÂd probably still be there when I came home.

I realize that a lot can go wrong; Wolf may change their mind about offering this microwave, or they may change the dimensions, or they may delay the release. But, given WolfâÂÂs marketing push on the convection steam oven, and the striking similarity of the new microwave, IâÂÂm willing to bet that they wonâÂÂt change their mind or the dimensions.

Which leads me to my main concern and the reason for this post. Does anyone in this forum have information on how well Wolf meets their projected release dates for new products?

Any other on-topic comments are welcome, and donâÂÂt be afraid to call me crazy for wanting to wait.

Thanks in advance . . .

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I can't comment on the release dates or anything, but I do have the same stack you are talking about, though we are using the current wolf microwave/convection option.

While it doesn't match 100%, I really don't mind the look of it to be honest.

If you can wait and are OK with that you might want too. But keep in mind that prelim specs can and usually do change on production items, so even though it says you may not need the 30" kits now for the new micro-wave, things could change down the road, and then you might be stuck without any options.


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Am considering the same purchase.
Do you happen to have a photo posted of your stack?

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Not a great pic, sorry about that, but here it is:

a href=""?LINK TO PICK

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you Phil!

This is so helpful.


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I think they make a trim kit for the steam oven, but we didn't have the cabinet space to get that, it would have made things to large for the space we have.


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