cleaning microwave after a popcorn burn

lizzie2November 7, 2010

I have a microwave that for years popped popcorn on the popcorn setting very good. Now it burns it and the inside of the microwave is a ugly brown. I tried the Magic Wipe thing by Mr. Clean, boiled water with Dawn and newspapers. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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I had that happen, and I'm sorry to say, could never get the micro back to the original color inside.

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It might be time for a new microwave. I had one that worked great for years and then slowly it was not doing things so well. One day it started making a noise and it stunk.

I replaced it with a new one and I could immediatly see how the old one was probably failing for some time. I've been very happy with the new one (even better than the last one).

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It will never go away. You can't clean off a burn,the material is actually damaged. It is not a "stain". I would replace it.

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I am no help at all!! I haven't burned anything in mine, but I do have a SS interior and it is impossible to clean!! I have done all of the steam techniques...even the one listed above and nothing works! I called the manufacturer and they sent me a product that PLAINLY states "Do not use on SS microw interiors"....huh?????
Lizzie, thanks for letting me gripe on your thread...I apologize for interfering...hanging head in shame.....

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