grease stains on cotton knits

cearabNovember 2, 2007

Hi everyone:

I dripped butter onto 2 cotton knit shirts. Nothing I have tried (Shout, Dawn, All detergent, Oxiclean spray, Windex), has removed these spots. They have gone away alightly, but naturally are right in the upper chest area, so are really noticeable. Suggestions for removing these spots?

Thanks, all.

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You could try a bar of Fels Naptha available at most major grocery stores. Lather it into the spot well (use a little warm water if the fabric is ok with that) and wash as usual. It's an old fashioned product which works very well. It's inexpensive and will come in handy for other things too.

I know what you mean about those small greasy spots. They are a nuisance.

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If I remember to catch the spots before I wash, I usually will use the hand cleaner that mechanics use on any grease spots-- whether they are food grease or car grease. It seems to work well on those nuisance spots that I am forever getting on the front of me :)

My hubby and son in law both do a lot of work on engines and stuff so I usually put a couple of tablespoons of one of their handcleaners in a piece of foil and keep it in my laundry room so I always have some on hand.

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Use Oxyclean spray, use brush on area, let stand for 30 minutes to 1 hr. Place stain spots over a pan and pour boiling water over the stain and wash again as usual.

I salvaged 3 of my husband's new shirts after polysporin stained them. The shirts were colored, not white. All shirts had been thru the washer and dryer.

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Try any of the liquid color-safe bleaches (non-chlorine type). I have a jug of Purex 2 at the moment, but any brand seems to work fine. Pour it on full strength, leave for 10-15 minutes before washing. Don't put the garmet thru the dryer till you are sure the stains are out.

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I've saved several articles of clothing by putting on a thick coat of baking soda on dampened fabric & left it overnight. Rinsed in cool water. (Sometimes a second application is needed.

(I also used this when black parking lot grease was tracked on light gray carpet of our car- When vacuumed the next day every trace of it was gone!)

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DeSolvit, a citrus based cleaner will work. Spray onto the spots, let sit a few mintues and toss in the laundry. If, the stain is really stubborn, doing this a second time generally does the trick.

My hubby is a mechanical engineer, so he get all sorts of "oily" spots, yes, even butter, on his clothes. After trying everything, this is what works and it is easy.

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Well, I bought a bar of the Fels Naptha soap and gave it a try tonight. I have the shirts line drying in my warm basement, instead of throwing them in the dryer. I am such a slob that I also dropped some salad with Italian dressing on the front last night, so I have another shirt with the same lovely stain. I hope it works! But, I would like to know where I can find DeSolvit. I haven't heard of this product before. I use Greased Lightening in the kitchen; it does a great job with grease. I have tried it on my clothes, but it has not worked on grease spots. I'll report back about how the fels naptha works after everything dries. Thanks all.

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I checked my clothing which I had used the Fels Maptha soap on. The stains have definately lightened up, but they are not gone. I am buessing at least 3 more washings before the stains are gone. Sigh.

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I have used Stain Stick made by Spray and Wash for years. It removes anything oil based. This is not the one with the brush on the end but the one which looks like a wax deoderant stick. This has removed all of the oil based stains from my table linens. They were linen, poly, or silk. I spot my table cloths before I remove them from the table. Just be sure that you are using your table pads as this will dull the finish of a fine table. Clean your table pads after using this as it will spot the next fresh one you use. This works like a charm and has never failed me. My folks had a laundry and dry cleaning plant and this it the best you are able to buy at your local supermarket and not be using the pro. stuff. Good luck!

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With the Fels you have to scrub it in really hard with your nail or a brush and let it sit a few minutes, not too long tho'. It's a little hard on the fabric, but worth it if the shirt is saved.

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Thanks Socks,

I often use a soft bristled, tooth brush to scrub stains.
However, I always scrub the stain from the underneath or the inside of the garment; because some fabrics such as cotton knits will become a little frayed or fuzzy from the brushing. The brushing is just as effective when performed on the under side because it works the product into all the fibers or threads; yet the front or outer side of the garment does not become frayed or fuzzy when scrubbed from the inside.

I'm going to buy some Fels Naptha soap tomorrow.
My mother used to use Fels Naptha Bar Soap on our laundry in the 50's and 60's. Her hands always looked like raw meat though. LOL

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I use a tiny amount of Lestoil on the spot. It generally takes any greasy mark out.

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