Another Wheat Table

phonegirlAugust 13, 2010

Started putting away dishes and decided to throw together another table with some of my dishes before throwing the wheat away.


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Oh, this is very "cooler weather" looking, punk! Love all the colors you've chosen to accessorize...glad you didn't ditch the "wheat" yet...that centerpc is so pretty! And like how you brought out the colors from the bird statue with your dishes...I see you put those new bowls to use right away! (good for you!) That candle jar goes perfectly with the centerpc leaves! I have a candle jar like that with an "ivy" pattern. TFS, punk...makes me think of coming days ahead! Jeanne S.

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Yes, very Fall looking. Those colors always look warm and inviting. Your new bowls were the perfect thing for this table, aren't you glad you bought them? Love the closeup pic of those little birds enjoying their corn, so cute.


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Yes, I agree. Looks like you are ready for Fall! Very nice table!

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Thanks ladies for all your sweet comments on this table. Jeanne, I remember your candle jar from your displays and really liked it. Luvs, you didn't miss the new bowls and I think they would look nice with my Johnson Bros. dishes so you may see them again this fall. Kathleen, not fancy like yours but fun to decorate.


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Love this, I am getting hooked on table setting every time I look at someones pictures !! Thanks for sharing.


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Beautiful Punk, and it gives me HOPE that fall and cooler weather is on the way!!!
Thanks for posting.

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Another delightful Punk Table! Those birds especially!
I really like 'pairs' like this. To keep my bird collection small, I try to make myself buy only pairs on one base (or the Otagiri blue and white ones.). Otherwise I'd have as many birds as I do dog and horse and rabbit figurines. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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