What;s your experience with these 'stick' vacs?

kaisermustNovember 11, 2009

Looking for a small, non-beater brush type vacuum to vacuum my laminate floor. Have a Swiffer Sweeper but changing the pad, etc. is time consuming plus it doesn't really have that much suction power. Was shopping in Target today and saw: Dirt Devil Versa Power, Dirt Devil Power Stick and Dirt Devil Scorpion. Does anyone have any of these and how good of a job do they do in vacuuming your bare floor in between regular cleanings? Opinions, experiences please on these or others of their like, or should I not waste my money?

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Bad. Don't read further unless you want the details. I've lived in my home nearly 30 years. I've had several stick vacs and several dust busters. They seem like a good idrea. But they're made of plastic and break easily. They work okay on bare wood, not at all on carpeting. They come with electrical base chargers that really don't last. Don't waste your money.

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I got a stick vac for my kitchen floor. It's not one of these, but was only $20 at Walmart and is a glorified dust buster. I like mine. It does what I want it to do and that's get up animal hair and the dirt and grass they track in for a quick clean up. Before I mop I will get out the shop vac and do a good cleaning, getting all the hair that catches on the bottom of the cabinet doors, etc..

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I wouldn't be without a cordless stick-vac in my kitchen. I have this 'thing' about having to plug in a power cord, and the cordless models are so easy to grab and use. My current model is a Eureka Lite and I've had it for several years and it's still going strong. It does work best on hard surfaces, but does a pretty decent job of picking up surface dirt on carpeting too. In fact, I've often felt that it did TOO good a job, making it easy to avoid hauling out the big upright vacuum for the carpets.

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I have a Dirt Devil Scorpion (plug in) for cleaning the upholstery and carpets in my 34-ft boat. It's the hand vac, not the stick vac model. Very good suction, annoying push-on hose and cheap attachments that come off unless I tape them on. Extremely loud and shrill motor, to the point of deafening, so I wear ear plugs. The power is much, much better than the many rechargeable Dustbusters I've used over the years. It doesn't get a lot of use, but it's still going loud and strong after 5? 6? years.

I have a Hoover Slider stick-type vac with a beater bar. The beater bar is OK on low-pile rugs, but shoots sand and other small stuff around the room. It worked OK on my laminate floors for a year or so, but now it barely holds a charge and can only pick up lint. It is not worth the cost to replace the battery.

About 6 months ago I bought an Emer 'Donatello' corded upright stick vacuum. It's a serious stick vac with a serious price (around $200), although I found it at an online close-out sale for $80. It works great on wood, laminate, slate, and low-pile carpet (no beater bar). It has a dust bag and multiple air filters, so there is no visible dust released into the air. Their website shows an even lighter version for about half the price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Emer's US website

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I've have the dirt devil 12 amp power stick (corded) for about 3 years and I love it. It works great on solid floors (wood, tile, etc) and so-so on area rugs. Not for use on regular carpet. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats so I need something convenient to get the hair up a couple of times a day! The only thing there is to replace is the filter. Even then I extend the life of mine by taking it outside and tapping it against the garage. Gets the dust out.

Bottom line is that it is much easier to grab the stick vac than to drag out the vacuum cleaner. With 12 amps it has a lot of power so I don't feel like I'm just skimming over the dust & dirt.

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I received a Hoover Platnium LiNX stick vac a few weeks ago and LOVE it. It is cordless and has a lithium battery...the beater bar can be turned off for hard floors by just the flick of a switch. The downside is that it's expensive ($150). It is great for touch ups...quick, handy, great suction, and easy to use. However it will not suffice as your only vacuum if you have any carpet...for that you need a proper upright. For hard floors though, the LiNX would be the only vac you'd need. I'd say I get 20 min out of one battery charge, which is enough to touch up my 2500 sq foot home.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hoover LiNX stick vac

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I've been using the Bissell Stick Vacs. Have had 4 or 5 over the last several years. I keep one at each end of the house. They are powerful sucker uppers! Corded. They're about $210 at WM. Last year around Christmas they were $14 (I think). They're not for carpet.

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I recently bought a Eureka cordless 96F quick pickup for $43 on Amazon. I like it. I haven't had it long enough to vouch for longevity, but what I like about it is:
1) cordless!
2) quick/easy use in between vacuuming
3) works on floors and carpets
4) suction's been fine on it so far
In reading above, I see that some of these stick vacs have 12 amps of power. That's how much my POS Electrolux (which I'll be replacing soon) has.

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My experience also bad. The are great in the beginning but eventually they will stop holding a charge. The batteries usually cost more than the vacuum does.

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I have a Hoover flair, and I love it! It is lightweight and maneuverable, plus has a beater bar option at the flick of a switch. It cleans my laminate floors very well, and in a pinch can does a decent job on my one area rug.
I have lots of dog and cat hair at my house, so I use it 2-3 times a week. It was 49.00 at Amazon.

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Woah!! I made a huge typo on the cost of the Bissell stick vac :o They're normally $20 not $210 (lol). Sheese! Anyway, they're incredibly strong and I like that it's corded (NOT cordless) My experience with cordless is that they just don't keep a charge.

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