Part 2...end of the mess

PurplemoonAugust 22, 2012

entry into family-room before....

and after....

The door in these photos is a small linen closet where I have some Xmas decorations and my cleaning supplies, and

misc. Directly across from it is the door to master bedroom. The curio on the wood floor is facing toward the entry way and front door. The hall behind the far side of it is to the main bath and back two bedrooms.

Here are shots of the living-room with new carpet. Hard to see true colors with flash, but too dark without it. Gives you some idea tho. Actually gives you a BIG idea as to what an obsessed horse, dog,(and bunny)collector I am probably. LOL.

Living-room as I stand in entry way. Far back right, door leads to kitchen. Also that small carousel horse on the floor is a neat end TABLE I found antiquing a few months ago!!

from the back left corner of the living-room looking toward the entry. Down the hall is a barrister's bookcase just outside the door to main bathroom. The fireplace is a dual one, other side opens to family-room.

Last night, I was so thrilled about it all being almost done. The pain has been horrible, and wouldn't you know it was during all this mess that our humidity went up for our "monsoon season" where it makes pain that much worse with barometric pressure changes! Obviously that wasn't enough to deal with, Fate had a little nasty up this morning to a fridge that decided to die during the night. All the food ruined and I was soooo upset. Short story, we needed a new fridge. Fred went to 3 places looking for one that could be delivered today (Home Depot said 3 day wait !!). Anyway, he found a nice fridge at Frys Electronics and they brought it this afternoon, but said it would take 8 hrs for it to properly set itself and to not put any food in there. That will be 9 tonight!! So Fred is going late to pick up some stuff since the only food we have is in the cabinet at the moment. Thank goodness my BEST FRIEND, not boyfriend, LOL, was here today helping me finish putting things back in place. We went and grabbed a pizza for lunch, sat and chatted and laughed a lot, and she made it a good day for me. So I didn't throw a big ol' Pity Party over the stupid fridge breaking down. (just what we needed, a huge expense right on top of the flooring one, arrrgghhh).

Hopefully tomorrow will have no surprises of any kind.

hugs, Karen

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OMgosh, Karen...everything is just BEAUTIFUL! Love the new laminate flooring & the carpet looks wonderful! All your collections make it 'your home' ...your place where you are comfortable & at ease. Love the carousel horses ...that new, what a find! & I also enjoy seeing them on your mantle!

Oh, what a big job...I thought ours was bad...LR, Dining & Kitchen ...but you've even had more! Thank goodness for your BF ...hugs to her & happy your DH found a fridge the same day! TFS your lovely. I always enjoy seeing your home/your 'scaping! Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, you had a tremendous amount of work since you guys moved your furniture, took down your drapes, and your floorboards I think had to be removed!! I didn't have to do ANY of that stuff. Mollie and I just moved small tables and a zillion figurines. I couldn't have done what you did! But now we both can really enjoy our "new" homes.

Thank you so much for the kind words on all my collections. I know I'm a bit over-the-top with them. But I was born to collect, LOL. As a child I would bring home rocks or pretty pieces of broken glass, or things from walks in the woods with my Dad. And when I was 6th-8th grade, I had around 200 dog and horse figurines. (back then they were a quarter each at Woolworths. ;o) We were in the Air Force and boy how their movers must've hated me when we got transferred.
I still have the first little horse figurine Dad bought me when I was SIX. And two others I got a few years later. Plus 3 dog statues (not whippets, LOL) from when I was around 12. Lots of memories in these to say the least.

I've earned the title of Queen of Quite-a-Lot probably.
hugs, Karen

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The pictures are great & your new floors are Beautiful, Karen.
Sorry about the fridge, I'm glad your DH was able to find a suitable one so quickly.

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Marlene Kindred

Well, I've gotta say that you have done one heck of a lot of work and I totally understand WHY you are over the top in pain....can relate completely. BUT...everything looks fabulous!!! Love the new carpet and wood flooring...really makes your house look so much richer. And I also want to tell you how very much I love your furniture and the colors of is so nice to see that someone else enjoys those colors too. I have burgundy, mauve, teal, blue in my living room and even though it's not the latest color scheme, those are the colors I am drawn too. LOVE all of your collections and what do you mean by "over the top"? Collections are suppose to be over the top....that's why they're collections. Or at least that's my theory. Why stop at a few when you can have a bazillion, right?

Now, I hope you can take a little time to enjoy your work and just relax and regroup. So sorry about the frig, but isn't that just the way things go? At least at my house it works that way. Doin' a happy dance for you my friend!

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Karen, Your carpeting and flooring are beautiful. Your home is lovely. I am glad you were able to get your refrigerator in one day. Thank you for sharing.


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Thanks for all the sweet words, its always nice to share stuff with everyone here.

Marlene, its kind of interesting how many of us on the Forum have to deal with Fibro! I know you truly understand the pain involved, just wish you didn't have to know it up close and personal in your own lives.
As for colors, I definitely do love the "winter tones/ jewel shades" as they are usually referred to. Don't tell the God of Purple, but burgundy is actually my favorite color. LOL. Purple is a super close second. And I dearly love hunter green. When Christmas rolls around, I'm much more attuned to decorating with these shades than the traditional bright reds and greens. By the way, the back wall in my living-room is a beautiful wine shade, tho doesn't show correct shade in these photos. And when the lady who did my big Carousel Horse asked what color I wanted his trappings, I told her burgundy, teal, and hunter green!
Its a shame my two favorite colors clash tho, can't very well decorate with burgundy and purple. OMGosh, that would even give me nightmares. LOL

hugs, Karen

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KAREN, I love all your new flooring! Haven't been here in ages & guess what, had to comment, OUR FRIDGE DIED TOO!

Well, not completely, but the ice maker isn't, that is, isn't making any ice, we've been buying bags of it & putting it in the bin.

Have to get out & get one soon! Hubby is having hernia surgery Tues so have to find a place who will put the fridge in place & remove the old one for us.

I've been busy, busy, busy, finally am walking, with almost NO PAIN. The back decompression is what really helped me recover from the hernaited disc.

I was able to make it to Florida for 2 weeks (even flew & it didn't hurt my back) we just got home last Saturday!

I hope to start tablescaping again soon. It's just been one thing after another once my back was better.

I also made a road trip to Milwaukee in June & it was fun to reunite with some Rick fans I met in Malibu at the premier of the movie, but I wasn't healed enough & did have to retire to bed at the hotel.

I consider it a miracle I've healed the way I have & no surgery! Now I have to learn to be very careful & not ever injure it again, would not want to go thru that level of pain ever again.

Didn't make it to too many garage sales this summer & the ones I did, they were not very good. I've got nothing new for tables, but anxious to get back into my hobby & find time to look at everyones tables here too.

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It all looks fabulous!!
So glad you had someone to help you.
Bummer about the fridge, but glad you found one quickly.
Pizza is one of my fav foods, so I'd be happy to have that for lunch.
I think your back wall is very similar to the accent wall in my master bedroom.
Jewel tones are some of my favs too! Ruby, sapphire, and em!!

So glad this is behind you now and hopefully, you can rest and enjoy it! A huge bonus is that those collections are all nice and clean and back where they belong, so you won't have to dust them for a while!! LOL

I really enjoyed seeing the views of your rooms. It gives perspective for when you post your decor pics!


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Karen, love your new floors. bet you feel like you have a new house. Everything looks lovely.I know how you feel, my fibro kicked in just as canning season did. I have tomatoes and corn ready to can/freeze and DH wants to go to Wilksboro. It is amazing , all that we all have in common, isn't it? Most of us like the same colors, have the same taste, outlandish collections andlove thrifting, Yardsales, and bargins. Then add to that, Fibro, Lupus, Back problems, ect..that list gos on forever and then add the problems we deal with daily with dear family members.

Glad you are feeling better, Yacther, Don't know what kind of refrigerator you have. but mine quit making ice last week and it was just the wire thingey that moves the ice t

o the front had gotten hung, when we pushed it back down it stareted working again. You might check that. Hugs and good thought to all, Janet

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Oh Karen, it all looks wonderful! So glad to hear your done and will have time to enjoy now. As for the fridge, that stinks but by now you should have all that taken care of too.

Your friends are so special to be there when you need them. Was good to hear from Janet and Yatcher as it's been awhile.


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Yacht, it is GREAT to hear from you. And even better to know you're most relieved of the horrid back pain. What a blessing, finally for you to be free of that. I know how you suffered with it. You've had a busy, and fun, summer!

Darn fridge thing hitting some of us. My ice maker quit working several months ago, but the cost to fix it was $400. We decided to heck with that and just bought bags of ice. Now I'm glad we did that and didn't waste money on the ice maker.
Janet, that issue of the little bar getting hung up happened to us last year and we thought it was broke then, but discovered it was a simple problem like you said. Whew. And like you, I love and am often amazed how much we all have in common here. I guess that's why we feel like a "family" and know each other so well. Birds of a feather.

Candy, pizza and jewel tones is definitely another shared love with us. Sometimes I think we share the same genes, LOL.

All of you... thanks for kind words on my decor stuff too. I definitely sat back and have been relaxing now. When I went to put it back in place, my BFF grabbed the little Swiffer thing and went to town on my things. LOL, I dubbed her "Swiffer Woman", NO dust is safe from her! I need her energy, she's like a little hummingbird most of the time!!

hugs, Karen

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Sorry I'm late for the party!!
Karen I'm so happy for you that everything is done. It all turned out beautifuly. Your home is lovely with all your wonderful collections...and of course that
amazing Carousel Horse I always enjoy seeing. You must have very large rooms because everything looks beautifully laied out and spacious.
I'm glad you were able to get the new fridge...who needed to deal with that after all you've been through.
Glad your friend was there till the end to help with putting things back...She's a keeper for sure!
As I was following what you've been dealing with on FB, I've been getting 'high anxiety' DD & DGKids moved from our home this week after 2 years here...All her & dryer and everything in between was stored in our basement and attic.
She was busy for two months going through things to get rid of and packing up what to take. It's been very hectic here as well. Now, DH and will be getting our house ready to put on the market. We'll be downsizing and I'm not looing forward to going through my stuff to decide what we'll keep and what will go. ugggg
Glad you're all done and thrilled with the outcome...
it was well worth it and the end results is just lovely.

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Jane, so glad you posted. (I'm behind as heck in my emailing and need to catch those up now I've caught up here). Thank you for the sweet words. Actually my rooms aren't that large! So it makes me feel real good you don't think they look cluttered with all my things. Especially the horse in the living-room. LOL. Mollie is definitely a Keeper. Besides being my BFF, I tell her she's my 'little sister' since she's 20 yrs younger than me. (she won't let me say she's like a daughter!)

I can well imagine how hectic its been with your family moving out, bet the house seems empty. Hope you're not too sad. Where are you moving? Have you been looking at houses?
(I apologize if you've told me, darn Fibro causes short-term memory loss. Downsizing may be good, tho since you're part of the gang here, it may not be wise! LOL. Gotta have lots of space for STUFF and decorations!!

hugs, Karen

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