Take a chance on a new Viking D3 Designer?

musky-hunterMay 22, 2012

I don't know how anyone can get comfortable buying anything based on the reviews of nearly every product with a few exceptions that I can't justify cost of like Wolf.

We are considering the new Viking designer dual fuel 30" range but have some concerns being a guinea pig with a new model. For the price (currently $3099) it appears to have most of what we want assuming it will do a good job for baking.

We have existing cabinets that require us to use a OTR so we cannot go to some of the other brands that are promoted in this community, although we would seriously consider a Berta dual fuel if it were closer to $3k and we could find some favorable reviews.

We would probably put a Advantium OTR or another brand over it due to the poor reviews of the Viking OTR's.

We have given some thought to the new KA KDRS807XSP but do have reservations that we would be happy with only 4 burners and concern for have the resolved the self clean issues.

Any thoughts on the Viking?

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Here is a mini comparison with GE Cafe by Jonathan Upton of Yale Appliances. I've read their reviews on differing appliances. Perhaps it will help you decide.

I sure do hope Viking is re-energizing their range reliability. Why not read up on (Google) Viking's Product Support and Customer Service and see if the three year warranty is working well for consumers or if laments continue even with it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Helpful link:

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Just one data point. I owned a viking ag circa 2004 and had no issues with it for the 4 yrs or so I had it.

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I just bought a new 30" AG and I LOVE IT!! AMAZING! No problems!

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You have probably made up your decision already, yet just in case you haven't I am linking another Yale Appliance expert column which has just today posted a discussion and pictures of recirculating ventilation needed because of an inside wall appliance.

Maybe it will help you and others. I have no affiliation with Yale Appliance but do enjoy reading their blog.

Here is a link that might be useful: A Review Of Interior, Exterior and Recirculating Ventilation

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did you buy the D3 dual fuel? I am about to buy one but still researching.

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I just ordered an AG range, fridge and dishwasher. Not sure on the hood though. Does anyone have a D3 hood? Opinions?

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We purchased the Viking D3 suite and in less than 90 days all 4 appliances are broke. The only thong that works are the gas range burners. The oven never worked, repairman thinks it is a circuit board. The microwave, which we only used a few times to heat broth for the dog, blew three fuses so now they think that too has an electrical problem. It never broke during the few times we used it, we only knew because in the morning the clock was out. The vent is annoyingly loud, much louder than our old GE. The dishwasher is the worst, unless you run it every few days, which we don't, you'll have a stinky moldy mess. The first two times we used it it ran for over 3 hours so they told us the dishes need to be dirty or it throws the sensors off. It stays wet from the condensation unless you keep it open, but when it is cracked open the dirty dishes stink. If that isn't bad enough, after running it 4 times it stopped running after 10 minutes. Did the reset still didn't work. Finally unloaded dirty full load from dinner party and did by hand. Lastly, the only appliance That wasn't having problems within a week was the fridge, but now that is out and I've lost hundreds of dollars in food. Repair person was very nice but couldn't fix them because they weren't simple repairs. I told the retailer where I bought them I want a refund and they have agreed. They and the repairman said they've never seen 4 appliances fail like this. I am sure that is true, but I have no confidence in Viking now. They need to step up their quality control. Not sure what to buy now because all the leading brands have poor online reviews. Maybe I should look for cheap old appliances. Our Westinghouse garage fridge running like a champ, never needed a repair in 15 years! Just too small.

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Wow, that's an incredible string of failures!
The advice on this board covers most of the areas.
Miele/Bosch/KA in decending order for DW.
Range - lots of differing opinions - you will have to chose but there are many people who like the Bluestar, Capital and Wolf, with Thermador in the mix as well.
Fridge - will depend on size and style - built in, integrated, C/D etc.
MW - any $200 MW will work well - we purchased a custom surround that made it looks fully built in.
Check the old posts for further details/debates on these topics.
It might help to post your sizes etc
Hope you have better luck on the next batch!

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wow, now I am concerned. I have not taken delivery yet.

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If anyone has had a positive experience with the D3 line it would be wonderful if you could comment. We have 1/2 down on the D3 range and will pay the other 1/2 once delivered to our dealer.

I don't think it's too late to change the order (Thermador possibly) and I am tempted based on Viking's previous performance reviews and the current reviews of this line......so sad.

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Hi sgackerman, I just got your voice mail and just wanted to reach out to you. Just a few things. We don't have a ton of information on the D3 having a ton of issues. With that being said they haven't been shipping for very long. In regards to the Fridge, it is actually made by Whirlpool and is currently our most popular under the Jenn Air label and we have very few service issues with it. The microwave is also outsourced from Sharp is made under a variety of different brands and has held strong. The range and dishwasher are both Viking built and we have little to no data pointing either way. Please feel free to call me again if you wish to discuss further.

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Hello everyone. Just took delivery of our Viking D3 appliances this week. We did the entire suite if you will (fridge, convection microwave, AG range, and dishwasher). So far we couldn't be happier. First of all the look is awesome. But looks only go so far. I have used all of the appliances a couple times so far this week and I can say I am more than satisfied with our choice. If I have to point to a down side is the oven fan than blows across the burner surface. This is a little annoying but NOT a deal breaker. We will see how everything plays out next week as my in-laws will invade my house and we will be relying on the D3 to come through for Thanksgiving dinner. At this point I'm confident it will.

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Sorry for the double post. Not sure how that happened.

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How's the broiling? Tell Me more about the fan, how bad is it?

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Haven't done any broiling yet. The fan is NOT bad. You notice it a little bit at first but it's really not that big of deal. All in all reallynhappynwith our purchase!

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we have had the range, fridge and convection microwave since late August. I am not happy with any of them!! they all LOOK great--but performance is not what i expected from a "high-end" company like Viking. Right now I am practically in tears as it is Thanksgiving and the oven will NOT work!! I have to cook my turkey at my neighbors house. the only thing I am happy with is the cook top burners. the microwave is loud and low power--the supposed "convection" part is useless. I paid almost $1000 for a microwave/range fan combo and wish i had kept my $100 countertop micro and 20 year old hood fan!! the fridge is big and bulky on the outside and small on the inside. i can hardly fit anything in it. I hate hate hate hate my Viking D3 range with a passion! the oven is a piece of JUNK! I have friends who bought is also--and within 30 days the oven stopped working. The retailer will be getting a nasty call from me on Monday!!!!

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So I had my in laws at my house for Thanksgiving. Big test for the new appliances. I have to say that they passed. I have to disagree with nickolina about the microwave. My example is that i put a sweet potato and celery root au gratin in the convection microwave to cook and it cooked it perfectly. I set it for 375 degrees for 1.5 hours. Cheese was melted perfectly and everything cooked to perfection. As it pertains to the oven we have the AG model and I was initially concerned that the gas was kicking on too much and not holding temperature. However, I put an oven thermometer in the oven to monitor the oven temperature and it was within 5-10 degrees of what I had it set at. Bottom line is it cooked the Thanksgiving turkey to perfection. At this point I am still completely satisfied with our purchase of the Viking D3 line. a

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Absolutely disagree with the assessment of the fridge being too small. I don't know what they are trying to fit into the fridge that won't fit. I had an 8lb spiral cut ham, 18 lbs turkey, and all of the ingredients for stuffing, fench onion bread pudding, mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, split pea soup, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention eggs, milk, and alcohol. The fridge is counter depth and looks built into our cabinets.

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I just put in the current Viking D3 (RDSCG) gas range 2 weeks ago, and also had the previous generation 'designer' (DCCG) model at my old home. Overall in my experience I can't say Viking is a very reliable brand, but it sure looks sexy & adds value to a home. Having just used the new range to do a roast and gravy for Christmas, here is what I think comparing the two models:

D3 Pros:
-Self cleaning: I never missed that the old designer range lacked this feature.

-3 yr warranty, vs 1 year on the DCCG. Given that these ovens have some complex / expensive parts, and my old unit had some issues, this saves you some cash over buying a 3rd party warranty..

-Better cooktop grate design: the old designer model had 2 interlocking, large continuous grates; both had to be removed to do any serious cooktop cleaning. The new D3 has a 3 piece independent system, each grate can be removed independently of the others. The old designer grates looked great, but had too much weight on small areas, one of our grates broke on the DCCG and had to be replaced.

-Better oven racks: 2 racks on the D3 use 'easy-glide' pullouts, which is very nice, as my wife complained that the DCCG range racks were very hard to pull out with heavy dishes.

D3 Cons:
-It looks not as nice as the old model stock. There is polished chrome around the knobs, inset chrome in the knobs, and in the door handle. Viking makes kits to change the colors of these pieces in the handle and knobs; but the chrome isn't my cup of tea.

-Poor build quality: the oven temperature knob fell off after getting knocked with a pan, a peek inside the knob shows a plastic receiver and what looks to be poor quality iron making up the shaft of the temperature knob, broken off inside the plastic. There is also much more play in all the D3 control knobs than the old model. The burners on the D3 are made of aluminum, rather than the heavy brass of the DGGC burners.

-bad temp control: Perhaps this is related to the knob damage, but after pulling out the damaged piece, we were able to set the oven temperature. Setting the oven to 200 degrees for a roast, after some slow roasting progress we discovered that because of the play in the knobs, 200 is really 240 on the knob; 200 was more like 175. 3 hours at 175 isn't quite the same as 3 hours at 200... so the roast took a bit longer than planned.

-burner re-ignition issue: My second most favorite feature of the old designer oven was the burner re-ignition (sure-spark). Many times while simmering food with my kitchen window open did the flames blow out, and the stove immediately re-lit the burner. The D3 does the same, and then some (not in a good way)... With a roasting pan over the oval center burner set to high, the stove would become confused and continually try to re-light the burner, even while it was lit. I tried it again tonight- this only happens when the roasting pan is in place. Trying to reduce a sauce @ high heat when dinner is already late, with an incessant clicking was not fun.

-No IR broiler: The biggest let-down for me was the abandonment of the IR broiler; that was the favorite part of my old designer range. The current broiler design isn't much more impressive than my old 150$ tappan's.. Spec sheets say 15k BTUs for the D3 broiler, and 18K for the older designer model. A 20% drop in broiler heat output, with less even heat on the D3 broiler. I will miss searing steaks like I used to.

If I could, I would swap the D3 for my old DCCG in an instant- even though they are 400+ pound monsters and not fun to move.

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Maggie Passel

Curious as to anyone's continued experience with the D3 cooktops? Hoping some have been good experiences!

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Can't speak to the cooktop specifically but our D3 AG range has been working like a charm since we got it. Been about 5 months. No complaints.

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I've had Viking D3 range and refrigerator for 4 months now. They were good initially. But soon I had problems with the oven when I used slow roasting for over 3 hours. After two hours also, the oven temperature started to drop. Sometimes I could hear the clicking sound but the oven failed to reignite. This happened several times. At the same time, the refrigerator started to make strange loud vibrating noise. So I called the repair service where I bought my appliances. The repairman said that when the oven temperature got hot, there was a mechanical issue that prevent the ignitor from working. So he changed the ignitor. As for the refrigerator, he said that it didn't place level on the ground. So he adjusted the position. The noise went away. The oven has been working since without any issues.

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update for those interested in the D3 duel fuel. ok, installed it looks great and the burners work fantastic. also, to date we have not had any issues with the oven and it seems to be working and cooking evenly. however, we did have the repairman out because i thought there was something wrong with the igniter.

beware....while in convection mode the fan is on, loudly, there is a click, the fan turns off. wait about 30sec. it clicks and the fan turns back on. it continues with this series during the duration of your cooking. fan on, click, fan off and so on..... apparently the fan stops and then changes directions. this is supposed to help with heat distribution but it is rather disturbing and I think Viking and/or their sales reps should tell customers about this noise. it is very loud and kinda irritating. it is not the constant fan like traditional convection.

bottom line.....we probably would have still purchased the dual fuel but would have liked to have known what to expect with the noise level. it is freakishly loud when we are cooking with the range on convection and range hood on. husband says he won't cook on convection very often because of noise :D

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Doing a kitchen remodel. Really liked the D3 Viking. Posts seem to be split...Has anyone had specifically the Dishwasher, Gas Range, and Micro/wall oven combo for more then 6 months? IF so can you relay if you would recommend?

I am an avid cook, so performance is my most important.

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We have had our D3 appliances since Thanksgiving 2012. I can tell you we haven't had any issues. The only thing I can't speak to is the wall oven since we didn't get that. The fridge is very spacious. The microwave is good. Especially like the convection setting. It's like having a second oven. We have the all gas range. Oven temp seems to be accurate. We cross check it with oven thermometer. The "issues" you will notice is the clicking sounds when the oven is on. That's the igniter starting the flame again to keep the temp where you want it. It's not a big deal just know about it ahead of time. And also the oven fan will blow across the range top burners. It's a little annoying but it is not a deal breaker and doesn't affect cooking. The a dishwasher is more than adequate. All in all they look awesome and work very well.

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I have had the Viking 30" D3 self cleaning gas range for over a year now and would love to just take it to the dump. The round burners shoot the flames wide and up the sides of all of my pans unless I have the gas turned way down. I cannot use the stove top and bake at the same time as the fan blows across the burners so hard that it blows the flame out. I tried for half an hour to bring 3" of water to a boil to steam vegetables - and I start with HOT water! When I called them, Viking said that the oven doesn't HAVE an exhaust fan! The repairman they sent told me that they don't even make these any more, but that I can go to the store where the stove was purchased and buy a higher backsplash, which would lessen the problem. My cost. Never again. I bought a Viking for the name, and made a horrible mistake.

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Sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with the D3. I do agree that the fan that blows across the burners is a bit annoying I haven't seen it be a deal breaker. I regularly use both the oven and the burners at the same time with no problem. As for boiling the water... Again I have not seen this to be an issue. 15000 BTU usually does the trick.

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I joined GardenWeb solely to leave a review for the D3 oven. (I'm a longtime lurker.) It's awful. I can't believe how much money we've spent on it, and how poorly it performs. I've been cooking with it for about eight months now, and I've had repair people out twice. I never once needed my last DCS oven repaired, and wish I would have bought another one when I moved!

- The exhaust fan is really loud. If you have an open concept type kitchen, it can drone out conversations in all directions. And the fan turns on as soon as you turn on the oven, and stays on for up to 30 minutes after the oven is off. I researched silent vent hoods exhaustively because of our open floorplan, and it's all for naught because the oven's vent is so loud.

- The range knobs seem sticky. It's a lot of work to get them to simmer, or move between heats. Also, the flames are giant, which I'd normally love, except for when I'm trying to simmer things!

- The oven clicks and reignites to try to regulate its temperature. It's annoying. And broke on Thanksgiving ... the igniter just stopped working. I had to baby-sit my turkey all day, making it very tough to time the entire meal.

- The handle just broke on the oven. Because I don't have a screwdriver that fits the microscopic screws and it's still under warranty, I just called the service guys again. It took them 15 seconds to fix. They said that when the oven is no longer under warranty, a call like that would cost $175. Can't wait to have to do that a few times a year once the warranty ends...!

The oven looks gorgeous, so it's got that going for it. I'd try to swap it out, but it won't fit down the stairs of my circa 1865 townhouse. We brought it up while renovating. So I'm stuck with this gorgeous-looking dud. A huge bummer given how expensive it was, and how much I love to cook.

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I was all set to buy the D3 last July -- got an amazing price at the local dealer... and then they told me it weighs 430 lbs! We were adding a commercial-grade tile floor to the entire first floor which is very heavy. So, we were concerned about adding that much more weight to a joist supporting a wall and protecting a gas line. We opted out. And, went with the Kenmore Elite Gas Convection slide-in -- essentially an Electrolux that looks very much like the D3 with the black glass/stainless front. And, turns out to be a very good choice. Plus, we found it at the Sears Outlet so it was 1/3rd the price of the D3 (and its regular retail price). Finally, it weighs only 230 lbs -- not light but manageable since it had to be scooted around during the floor installation. And, it cooks like a dream. especially love the tri-burner oval grill/griddle burner which can be 7K to 21K btu depending upon how many you light. We use it all the time with both the griddle/grill and Rachel Ray oval pasta pot and oval saute pans.

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