Need input - Xmas Tree

OakleyAugust 16, 2011

Remember me, the one who doesn't do Halloween or Fall decorating? LOL.

I know it's early, waaay early, but I want this problem figured out long before Christmas so I can fix it.

Below is a picture of my Christmas tree from 2 years ago. I have a lot more ornaments now than is shown on the tree.

Ornaments aren't the problem, it needs something else, like a garland. I ususally put up a faux red berry garland but it's not that noticeable, especially from the front door.

BTW, I can't afford to ditch all my ornaments for a theme tree. It sure would be nice though on the white tree!

IMPORTANT. I'm a klutz. Two left hands. So I can't do anything really crafty, like putting garlands in vertically, etc.

I'm really considering using one of those old fashioned "fluffy" garlands that you can find at Walmart. Maybe in a light blue since I have some blue Christmas accessories.

Other than the fluffy garland, what else can you recommend? It needs that one finishing touch!

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Have you looked at the Christmas trees in the Holiday Album for inspiration yet, oakley? Lots of great ideas there...I'm thinking wide 'wire edged ribbon.' Take a peek & see if anything jumps out at ya! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Inspiration Holiday Christmas Album

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I'll be the dissenting vote for fluffy garland *hiding*(lol).
I just can't make myself love the stuff for some reason , maybe a bad experience as a
I looove the idea of a wide wired ribbon weaved either straight around for a uniform look or in various levels for a more versatile look.
Another way I like to add shimmer in a garland tolerable manner is the clear plastic (or glass) ornaments from HL or Michaels ect with small puffs of garland tucked down in them. Beware it makes a mess though as you're cutting the little tufts so grab the dustbuster.. lol

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LOL, Oak, we have got get you 'inspired' to do Halloween and Thanksgiving too!
But you know me, I am always happy to think about Christmas decor any time. Soon as I read your post and saw your tree,
I immediately thought the pretty WIDE, wire edged ribbon too.
I like it going 'up and down' in strips instead of around, but that's just my personal feeling.
I saw a tip for doing it, you stop when you have the loop the size you want..take a small sprig of your tree and wrap it around the ribbon to hold it in place, and start with the next section.

there should be examples in our album. Jeanne, thanks for posting the link.
hugs, Karen

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I'm off to the album now! I hadn't thouught of the ribbon. Besides red, what color would you all recommend that will make the tree "pop?"

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I think your tree is lovely, Oakleyok, and I don't have any suggestions as I'm not that great at tree decorating. I did want to tell you your home is lovely and I'd sure love to see a close up pic of all those goodies in your glass cabinet that I see in your picture. Sure looks like you have some neat stuff in there. ;o) Luvs

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Hi Oak...your tree is beautiful and so inpressive looking.
Before I read anyone's responce, the first thing I thought of was Wired Ribbon. I'm also not a fan for garland. I find that it hides the ornaments, but that's JMO.
I like to use wired ribbon and usually tuck it in and out of the tree.
As far as a color.. Red Satin for a real pop...Red Plaid...or Gold. I can see a nice Gold Ribbon on your tree.
Another thought, I once made simple Satin Bows from wired ribbon and staggared them on the tree for a different look..
I think the Inspiration Album should be helpful to you there are so many beautiful trees and great ideas.
Good Luck and let us know what you decide.


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Oak, I think I'd stick with the red "theme" that you've kind of got going. For one thing, its lovely on your white tree...but I noticed your red chair and the red border on the tree skirt. You could get solid red ribbon or the patterned red-gold, etc.

hugs, Karen

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this was the wire mesh ribbon look I liked...just three pieces and not overload the tree would be my choice

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Just the way you have it is gorgeous to me. I Want a white tree!!!!
Only thing I might suggest is a topper. Like a big fluffy wired bow, to give it a burst of color at the top. Also, I saw on a blog, and can't find it now, she took three colors of wired ribbon and twisted it to make a circle and then wired the circle together and let the tail hang down, and then placed them thru out the tree. I know that is not much help.
There are some beautiful toppers in the album..

White trees are just pretty by themselves!!!!

Good Luck, You don't seem to need any help..It's beautiful!!


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Thanks everyone for the compliments. When we built this room a couple of years ago and actually had the space to put in a large tree, I was bound and determined to get a white one, even though I don't know anyone who has a white tree! Best investment I ever made.

Decorating with white trees are endless. I'd love a blue themed tree...representing snow at dusk.

I'm sold on the wire ribbon, and I kind of like the plaid idea because I love plaids and checks since it goes with my "country/rustic" decor, so I'm going to see if I can find a plaid that really pops.

I also love those big bows that go on top of the tree, but I have no idea how to make one. Like I said, "two left hands!"

Can I buy those bows already made?

Oh, that's an old quilt under the tree, not a tree skirt. It's not placed very neat in the picture but I love using quilts instead of skirts. My kitty sleeps under the tree on top of the quilt every Christmas!

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I love the quilt, makes a wonderful tree skirt. Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc have the big ribbon. And also easy to find online and order. And yes, you can buy the big bows, I remember Michaels having them last year.
I can't make them either, no matter how hard I've tried to watch videos and see diagrams. arrggghhh.

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

Your white tree is lovely! I have one other idea you could use and it's pretty easy to do. You can buy rolls of netting from HL or Michael's etc. in lots of colors, but I'm thinking red or red/green would be best here. Cut off pieces of the netting about 10-12 inches long and take a piece of floral wire and put in across the middle to make the netting a "poof". ( I hope that makes sense) The netting will be about 5-6" inches long with the wire as a stem in the center. Then, just tuck them in your tree wherever you need a little extra color. Since the netting is so light, it doesn't over power your other decorations. Just a thought.

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Marlene, I'll see if I can find pictures of the netting online.

Karen, that's great that I can buy the bows already made! There's a Hobby Lobby about 30 min. away, but they now have an online store. They didn't have one last year unless I missed something. I'll check them out first.

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Look at this one, it's in the link below. They have other colors but I think I may break down and buy this one!

Here is a link that might be useful: tree topper bow

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That's beautiful, tho their prices seem kind of high.
I saw one on eBay I thought was really neat too.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: tree topper bow

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That's a pretty one, but it's too small. My tree is about 7 or 8' so it really needed something that would stand out.

I went ahead and ordered it because I like the size and color and how the streamers are already attached.

My sofa & chair are maroon so that will be a great match! I use maroon colored picks in the tree so hopefully it will look good together.

This is the very last thing I need for my tree, so I am DONE buying! lol

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Gosh ladies...there's an easier and much less expensive
way to have theses beautiful bows.
I saw this on QVC about 15 yrs ago, and had DH make one for me...It's VERY simple to make..then you can make all the bows you want, to your heart's content.
He made two sizes for large and smaller bows.

The site wouldn't let me copy the URL..but here's a link to copy and paste..
Hope this helps.

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Oakley, love your white tree and the bow you ordered is Beautiful. Hope you share pictures when it's up this Christmas Season.

Karen, I like the wired ribbon on the tree you posted too.

Jane, I have a bow maker and love using it to make my own bows. Hope others who'd like to make their own see your post.


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Oak, after I posted, I noticed your bow was much larger. I am glad you got that one. Especially as i love the maroon color as opposed to red. Your tree will look great with it and can't wait to see it again.

Jane, I have been to so many sites, watched so many videos,
looked at so many instructions, tried buying one of those 'simple' bow makers. (HA!). And I STILL can't seem to do it. Apparently ribbon turns me into a blithering idiot. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Awww Karen...don't be so hard on yourself...I guess you can chalk it up to 'Bow Block'..Many have it! lol
Really though, this bow maker is so easy. You just go back and forth between the dowls and then just tie it off.
But I hear ya when you say you've watched and still can't seem to do it. If I were near you, I'd show you myself, and then have YOU make one...
I'm a 'visual' person myself, (learning disability) and usually get caught up with being nervous at learning something new. I get this mental block, and then I'm lost.

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