Yikes! Black Scuff marks on brand new flooring!

jiggreenNovember 19, 2006

Hi! We just put down brand new vinyl tile flooring this week and DH brought his air compressor in to install the baseboard moldings and left black scuff marks on the new floor! I have tried using a pencil eraser (somewhere in the past I had heard that worked, but this time it didn't) and I have tried various cleaning products to no avail. The scuff marks aren't the ordinary rubber scuffs, the wheels were a very hard rubbery plastic. I'm kind of freaking out because we are putting our house on the market this week and I don't want black scuff marks! Any ideas on how to remove?

Thanks! jiggreen

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Once again, I brag about the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!!!! I love these, I haven't found anything that they can't remove.And at around $2, It's worth a try right? Good Luck!

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i tried the mr clean eraser last night, but panicked because it seemed like it was dulling the finish on the floor where i was rubbing at the marks. :( on the plus side, it WAS removing the scuffs, but i'm not sure i want to keep using it on this flooring.


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Try WD-40, it won't hurt the floor.

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A nylon net scrubber or one of those green scrubby things for pots and pans with a little dish soap should take it off. In a pinch I'd even scrunch up an onion bag. Sandy

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Try using a dry paper towel and rub the black marks off.

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I second the dry paper towel!

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How about Goo-Gone!

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Try this! I discovered it purely by chance when we had contracters here who did the very same thing. I happened to have a "kleenex" (with aloe) in my purse on the counter, grabbed it, and the marks came right off. The next time it happened, I grabbed a paper towel. It worked, but not nearly as easily. I've tried it without the aloe-added tissues and it does not work. The aloe may just be the key! Let me know if it helps!

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It never really worked on my floor, but my friend says peanut butter works on hers. Of course, then you have to clean up the greasy peanut butter. Good luck!

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