Maax Serenade Advanta Reverie shape/size/air- help

mirucaMay 25, 2013

Of all the pic's that my daughter has viewed - sheloves the shape of the Maax Serende (which is also the same as the Advanta Reverie on Costco). Does anyone know of others that look like this - in a similar price range?

I'm concerned because the inside looks, and comments confirm, that it is small 56 x 19 and that includes the sloped back.

There is an airpool version that is about $1,000 more - is that worth it?

We have until Monday to make a choice on tub, shower ...yikes!

Also - has anyone bought tubs from faucet direct?

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Be careful with the inside measurements of the tub ,because I had the same issue when I was shopping around for mine . You can have the same outside measurements but the inside depends on the slope of the tub . I was going to go with the maxx air , the living 66x36 , until I located a show room that had another maxx model ,but with the same inside measurements and I found out that it was smaller than what I wanted it . it had a sloped back from both sides , so it takes away from the inside length on the bottom of the tub . I had to either go to the larger one 72x36 which would have minimized my tub deck space or choose another model . My advice to you is to try to locate a showroom next to you to try if the measurement is right for you ,maybe even on a different brand. I finally got a display model from another brand that I tried in the store and had one sloped back from one side , a 66x36 too .
I didn't buy a tub from faucet direct , but bought a toto toilet, sinks , light fixtures, bathroom fan . Their customer service is excellent . I had a problem with my light fixtures that were defective ( the two of them ) . I called them, they apologized for the inconvenience . they emailed me a UPS prepaid return label and after processing the claim ( takes 2 to 3 weeks ) they refunded my money back . You can compare prices with , they are an authorized dealer for the maxx tubs. Somebody on another thread said that they have an extra 5% now . Good luck .

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