Flies are buzzing?

stolenidentityNovember 26, 2008

All of a sudden I have flies in the house. The house has been closed up for some time and the furnace has been running. We don't have the doors open for any other reason than to come in or go out. The flies just suddenly showed up, as soon as I kill one, here comes another. It's bizarre and it's driving me crazy. They are pretty slow and seem to be drawn to lights and windows. They are just your every day fly really. I'm trying to figure out where they are coming from.

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I recently had fruit flies in my house. They started in September, when I was picking lots of tomatoes from my garden. I laid them on the kitchen counter and suddenly there were fruit flies all over. I traced them to a very soggy plant in the dining room. Took it outside and sprayed-sprayed-sprayed with Raid. That got em. Look around for any rotting vegetation.

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This is the time of year when I get flies in my house too. Just seems to be seasonal.

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I despise them and here in N.E. Tx they really swarm before a rain.

Half fill a zip-lock type snack bag with water AND drop in a penny - tape beside the door -works pretty well for me. In summer, a bunch of fresh cut basil from the garden helps a lot.

I can't use insect spray indoors but learned a quick spritz of hair spray makes their wings sticky & they can't fly! A tissue picks 'em up to drop in commode where they drown.


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They are really bad in Phoenix this time of year, the rain brings them out too.

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grittymitts, are you flies the average sized "housefly"? I also live in NE Texas. For about the last 3 months we've been having a problem with a tiny gnat looking fly. They're smaller than a fruit fly. I thought they were gone when the cold weather arrived but when it warmed up again, they were back. Spraying flying insect bug spray in the trash, helped but I hate spraying stuff like that in the house. Mine too collect at large windows. They'll be laying, dead, on the windowsill the next day.

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From the way you describe them they sound like the common housefly. They like to hang in windows and around light bulbs for the warmth. If you are getting them inside your house without any open windows they may be breeding inside your house. You may have a dead critter in the walls. If you have kids they may have left a piece of fruit or something hidden in a closet or under the bed.

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dilly dally, no, they're not houseflies. They don't dart about quickly and they don't buzz. Here is a picture of two found on the dining room windowsill today. I've placed a dime next to them for size reference.
sasafras, is this the size of your "flies"?

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