oldalgebraAugust 22, 2010

Let me begin my saying that my middle grandchild dances to the beat of a different drummer. She's starts second grade tomorrow and she is crazy about a series of books called Goosebumps. They're not on my ideal reading list for second grade girls, but she seems to be mesmerized by them.

So tonight I had a Goosebumps Dinner.

Since she loves meatballs (aka: edible Goosebumps), spaghetti headed the menu, along with a green salad and green Gatorade.

Miss In-The-Middle also got a Goosebumps book and a dvd with a couple of Goosebumps episodes from the television series that aired some time ago. All three got a Goosebumps sketch pad (downloaded from the "official" website and a homemade (I hesitate to use the term handmade) Goosebumps ornament.

She's a hard one to read, so you don't always know what's going on in that head of hers. But when she said, "It's like it's my birthday!" I knew I'd hit the jackpot.

The black plates are part of a set (7 dinners, 7 salads, and 7 bowls) I got for $4 at a Garage Sale just last week.

Bowls are in another table setting at the end of this post.

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So VERRRRRY cute, oldalgebra! And is her name Gracie? If so, my 1 1/2 month old grand baby is Gracie, and she is a joy to (((behold))). Your little Gracie is so very lucky. ;o)

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OA, you get the #1 Award for G'ma of the Week! Goosebumps...LOL...yes, I am familiar with R.L. Stine, too! Couldn't push the American Girl series on your middle GD, uh!!! Sweet!

What a special back-to-school gift! Love the black & greeny tree, the ornies & the very Goosebump(y) chair tags! Colors of the linens & dishes...perfect for the series! A+++++, teacher! TFS! Jeanne S.

ps...and I think this "black plates" thing is pretty popular right now...I saw one on Luvs TS setting & punk used them & I got 4 this past wk at GW do a t'scape soon...this is fun! And, again, enjoyed you sharing this t'scape!

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OA, you win the prize for coming up with the neatest tables. Your GK are so lucky to have you. I love the balck and green. Your tree with handmade goosebumps ornaments is adorable.

I loved reading about this GD of yours. She dances to the beat of a different drummer, so is she fun to be with? My little 5 year old GD doesn't mind telling us the way it is but she's so shy around other kids that DD is going to hold her back another year before starting school.

Your black and white table with bright yellow accents is very pretty. Just love those colors together. Congrats, on your new black dishes.


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What a clever idea!! the tables look granddaughters loved goosebumps too.

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Wonderful that you picked up on something that she likes and used that for the theme of your table. I'm sure you made her feel very special.Love the pad with her name and your cute tree with the ornaments. You are a good Grandma. ;o)

The black and yellow table is neat too, congrats on finding the bargain black dishes, you will find lots of times when you can use them. I like the black/yellow combo but never think to use it. My SIL even decorated her bedroom in those colors and it turned out so darn cute!


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Great job Grandma!! You really put a lot of thought into her table.

The Black/white/yellow table is very striking. You got a great deal on those black plates, and the table is wonderful.


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It is wonderful, OA! Love the colors, and great deal on the dishes.

The man who wrote Goosebumps owned our house. RL Stine.
Small world.
My 4th graders were nuts over those books and couldn't believe he owned my house, LOL!

Grace was my mom's name, and my gdau's middle name. An old name coming bak!

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Thanks, everyone. It was fun to set up. And I know she loved it.
Actually, Gracie is my oldest (third grade). Jessica is the one in the middle.
Grace is the American Girl type. She's just starting the series and I am already planning to get her one of the dolls for Christmas.
Jessica, on the other hand . . . well, there's no way to accurately describe her! Tomboy - just like her grandma.
Boy! Wait till I tell her I "know" the person who owns the author's old house. She'll flip.

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It may give her Goosebumps! :)
I saved a bunch of them . 8 yrs ago when I retired, they weren't that popular. But I know how things go.
I am hoping my little guys will like them in a few yrs.
I don't know about my gdau, she just might and they are the right grade level for her.

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slinkey are just the 'Bestest Grandma'...
What a cute table and I'm not surprised your DGd loved every bit of it...and I'll bet you had just as much fun thinking up all those cute ideas too.
Love that Green & Black Sparkely Tree with those cute
I agree, your White, Yellow & Black table is very striking, and I like it too.


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OA. my oldest grandson loved Goosebumps and at a young age. At one time we had all the DVD's and he would watch them daily when I took care of him. He was about 4 years old & loved them, to me some of them are very scary, but not to him.

By the way, he's 14 now & very well adjusted, so don't worry about your grandchild! LOL LOL

Now my youngest grandson, who is 8 now, it totally into Rambo & anything army & totally scary movies. Stephen King movies, most that I will not even watch. Now him, we worry about!!!!!!!

Almost forgot to comment on your talbe, it is sooooooo cute, the colors & the ornaments in the tree, it's all really darling.

AND, your black & white & yellow table is also really pretty!!!

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OMG, I thought I'd replied to your posting here, OA!
(Sigh!) Well, I flat-out think that you're the coolest grandma! You're going to be my role model whenever I actually get one (grandkid). I love, love, love Gracie's Goosebumps table! What fun ideas for a kid her age! The spooky tree and ornaments are wonderfully appropriate. The goosebumps all over the table are fun and the Goosebump menu was brilliant! Yeah to #1 Grandma!!!!!!

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OA, I was 'missing' for a bit when you posted this delightful table for your DGD so I'm late commenting. But I can honestly tell you that I wish MY grandkids had such a neat grandmother as you are!!

hugs, Karen

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For some reason, I suspect they do! :)

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