Shutters or not? Porch posts..round or square?

farmhousegirlApril 9, 2012

Ugh, so many decisions. We are building a farmhouse type home with a wrap around porch...Bucks County PA. I notice a lot of homes of this style don't have shutters, and kinda like the look, but then again, I like shutters too. Also, the porch posts are the more formal, round pillars and square spindles. hard to decide on. I originally thought we'd do the square type with square spindles. Now I'm kinda liking round, more formal posts with square spindles. Would love thoughts from my 'new old house' friends. Our porch roof will be metal, and the house will be white or maybe light yellow.


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I usually shudder when I hear of shutters.

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Worthy definitely showed why shutters can be difficult to pull off! Are you far enough along in the process to know what your windows will look like? If so, will they look "natural" with shutters? i.e., if the shutters were functional, would they properly and proportionately cover the windows? If not, my vote is no. If you're still early in the design process, I would choose your windows so that you can place shutters- I think they look great on old farmhouses!

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I'd say no to shutters and yes to square or rectangular porch posts, etc.

In my opinion, a house should only have shutters for practical purposes; that is, if the house needs them for protection from storms.

With regard to porch posts, my opinion is based on the limited description of your house as being a traditional farmhouse. That style wouldn't have had ornate, round columns (most likely).

Good luck!

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Shutters definitely need to be done correctly! Below is a link that may help.

We are using square posts for ours....

Here is a link that might be useful: shutter info

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Square posts for a farmhouse, to me. I like shutters if done right. We are putting them on some of our windows, not on the french doors below and not on the double/triple windows. I think our house needs it, frankly. As long as you space the windows appropriately to allow for proper shutters, this is a decision you can make later.

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I think we're doing the same house! Only we are in Northampton County Pa!
No shutters unless they are actually usable as shutters.
Square porch posts although my husband disagrees...
We are not having railing between posts.
We are doing yellow siding :)

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Thanks everyone! I'm mixed on the shutters...sometimes I like the look without, other times I like the look with. We are doing the old fashioned windows with just the one line running vertically. I will ask the builder if we can decide on this later.

I like the old house,Victorian feel of the round posts (albeit I only like simple Victorian..nothing fussy) yet I like the 'farmy feel'that's more casual of the square posts. I think I'm leaning toward square..atleast today anyway. Hubby could care less.

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How wonderful that you are doing something so similar. Do you have photos of the plan. I will be getting ours on
Friday and will post if I can figure out how to do it. I've never put a photo on the site before, so hopefully you guys can help me out here.

Your house sounds great! What other details are you doing for the farmhouse? Best wishes. (Where is Northhampton County)?

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My house is a bit this style --- we have round columns and square spindles. I would have said square too, but when I looked through some farmhouse books I saw lots with round columns. We did a mix of shutters and no shutters --- no shutters on the stone. I had the builder place the shutters with functional hardware --- that way they are properly sized and don't have that stuck on look that worthy demonstrated. If they are set functionally, they have some shadowing and depth which is nice.....

Here's a pic of my place.....

Excuse our yard --- still a disaster!

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We have a stone front under our front porch, with siding above, and shutters are on both the stone and siding. The shutters fit on the siding very nicely, but on the stone there are gaps, and in which several very loud and dirty birds have taken up residence. On our new house to be built, there will be no shutters. The gaps are very small, only a hand width or so, but the birds love it. Nothing keeps them out.

Just something to consider.

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Thank you all sooo much!!!
Mythreesons...your house is fantastic! Now you've got me thinking about round pillars again!...Love your shutters! Many thank yous!!!

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My threesonsnc-your house is beautiful.

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Thanks for the nice messages....

There is an architect in PA who does beautiful farmhouse designs (Archer Buchanan). Anyway, I thought you might like to see several of their homes to check out shutters and columns....

The ones I especially think you might like are all of the pics of Starry Night Farm, Gladwyne, Fox Hill Farm and Canary Cottage....

Also, Russell Versaci has lots of examples....

Hope you see some examples you like!

Here is a link that might be useful: Archer Buchanan

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Originally we were going to go "no shutters" on our new build until we saw elevation drawings with and without. Without seemed to be really lacking so we had them added back in. Either way, it will be fine. I do think shutters give a country feel.
Oh and I like square posts!

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We're looking to move to Upper Bucks - Palisades school district - and build a farmhouse style house w/ wrap-around porch. We want to have something like the field of dreams house or this connor homes house below.

Here is a link that might be useful: farmhouse

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