removing stickers on new windows

afterthought62November 21, 2005

What is the best method for removing stickers on new windows? In our last house, DH used razor blades and scratched the glass - I'd like to avoid that this time!

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i peel off as much as i can by hand, and then whatever is left i give it a heavy shot of laundry spray, such as spray and wash. let i soak in for 15 minutes or so, and the rest of the sticker will come right off!

works every time.


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We just got new windows and the stickers peel off completely if you grab a corner and pull slowly.

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Dab mayonnaise on the stickers and let "soak in" for 5 minutes. It should come off easily with a paper towel.

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If you can peel off top of the sticker leaving the paper part stuck to the window, you can apply Goo Gone, let it soak a bit, and it should come right off.

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use a razor blade, works like a charm

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Steam from a kettle to loosen glue. then (carefully) wipe/peel off.

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Butane!! The kind you buy to refill a lighter with. I was in a Hallmark gift shop years ago and cringed as I watched the clerk apply butane to a Belleek porcelain piece I had just purchased as a gift. She was taking the price sticker off. I couldn't believe she was doing that, but it worked in seconds and did no harm to the porcelain. She told me they use it on everything in the shop (and they had some expensive items in there). So I bought some. Have used it on everthing from glass to ceramic, porcelain, silver, pewter, plastic. No harm done to any surfaces, no scratches from fingernails or razors, and glue residue wipes right off. On a hard surface, I remove as much of sticker as possible. On suraces like plastic, I just let the butane dissolve sticker and all, so there's no fingernail marks on the plastic. And I use it on a paper towel so I can throw it out. Don't want butane on a rag going through the washing machine ;)

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A hair dryer if the sticker is new - won't work on old ones. The heat seems to reactivate the glue and the sticker peels right off.

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I also use lighter fluid to remove lables and that horrible sticky glue from things. Acetone works well too, but it may damage some plastics. I know it disolves lucite and perspex.

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WD-40 works great! This also works on jewelry or any other metal or glass surface. It will not harm most plastics if you quickly remove the residue with Windex & paper towels.

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