Can an OTR microwave be used on the counter?

Maine_MareMay 17, 2012

I am completely out of funds after my kitchen reno and looking for a used convection microwave for my pantry. I found a GE Profile but it is an OTR and I need something to go on the counter.

Is it possible to use this on my counter? The location would be in the corner, under an upper cabinet so only one side wall would really be visible. Thanks!

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It'll work, but be sure to take the lightbulbs (meant for illumination of the cooking surface) out from underneath it before you put it in service. The bulbs are commonly halogen and they get very hot, hot enough to burn the counter underneath the device. The problem is these lights can be accidentally turned on by someone unfamiliar with the controls of the unit but you may not even see that they are on with the microwave sitting on a flat surface, especially in daylight.

I found this out the hard way when my aged mother managed to turn the lights on with an old OTR MW we had replaced with a hood but kept in service on our countertop. The thing burned a hole in our old formica counters. Don't leave those bulbs in!

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You can buy a countertop convection micro for about a hundred bucks at most big box stores. It will be smaller overall and work better for this kind of use. I'd just manage without while I saved up the money if I couldn't swing the hundred right now.

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check and see if the bottom is flat. It may not be.

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Thanks! I decided to pass as it wasn't a terribly cheap microwave and if I'm going to buy something that isn't really right for the space it should at least be cheap :)

Also, GE customer service felt it wasn't going to be good for the microwave to sit on the counter and block the vents.

Writersblock, your suggestion is exactly what I'm going to do. Thanks!

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