Thassos ok for use on shower floor?

dvarnellMay 11, 2012

Went hunting for marble today and at one of the stone yards, the older Italian owner (who actually pointed out his house next to the Carrara quarry on a photo) told me that doing a thassos mosaic on my shower floor is a horrible idea. Said it will look good for a few years and then the wood subfloor, even though it's under hardibacker or Kerdi, will end up discoloring the thassos. Has anyone else heard this? Does anyone have thassos on a shower floor who can speak from experience? Sometimes I feel like I'm never going to be able to finalize selections for this bathroom!

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We have White Thassos mosaic/border tiles on our MB tub surround walls, and used solid WT tile to line the niches and use as shelves in all the bathrooms. 2-3 years later, they still look great.

We used Hardibacker, and then DH rolled/brushed Hydroban over it before the tile was installed.

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A designer at my tile store told me that too-- but not from the subfloor. She said that Thassos in direct contact with water is eventually a bad idea... since it has high iron content, it will eventually get rust threads and spots of discoloration. But then you have people like above who have no problem at all. Or, people who wouldn't be bothered by marble's natural aging.

I hear you about making a final decision. My tile choice was so ridiculously long and drawn-out that the bath construction actually came to a full stop. I cannot believe how stressful picking a tile was...

Here is a link that might be useful: My thoughts on choosing tile.

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I never heard about this, gulp..... I used a product called crystal white it is similar but with large silvery flakes with in the body. I have been using it one year plus and sealed it with a good penetrating sealer. The water beads off it great, I wish I could say the same for the grout. We uses a noble fabric product for floor, then thin set and grout, I can't imagine anything coming through.

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VictoriaE - I have actually come across your blog before in this insane, multi-state quest I have been on for bathroom tile! I should also have blogged about it bc through this huge renovation I'm doing, it's definitely the master bath that is the troublemaker here. I want it to be perfect, but also practical so my $ is well-spent. First, there was the standalone tub drama - the one I wanted was $11k with faucet so I nearly had a heart attack, then I found a more reasonable one i also loved, ordered that and found out on the eve of delivery that it was backordered by 2 mos, found another and that one arrived damaged 2 weeks later! It did finally arrive this week in perfect condition, and then after scouring high and low for the perfect tile after going to various tile stores (4) several times (maybe 10), then hitting five marble yards and finding the slab I was looking for, I hear this about the thassos. My contractor is seriously ready to kill me (although to his credit he is being pretty patient through my insanity), and just today sent me an email saying the only thing that's going to hold up this construction is my master bathroom. I truly an going nuts over this decision!

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I SO totally HEAR you. Who knew tile could be something that gave you a nervous breakdown? Luckily, my contractor is my husband, so he's kind of stuck with his crazy client.

In all seriousness, it did bring my bath to a complete halt and it pretty much took over my life. If I wasn't going to a tile store, I was thinking about it, or staring blankly at all the samples lying everywhere...

I wasn't even 100% sure about the tile I ended up choosing. I just HAD to pick something. Fortunately, now that it's in, and grouted I LOVE it. However, it could have been a disappointment.

Good Luck!! Post some pictures of what you choose, so I can add it to my list of things to consider for the next bath...

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I HAVE done this before, but it's not really recommended. Because of the fact that Thassos is stark white, ANY blemish will show up that much more clearly, and even sealed, it's very easy to stain.

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