Should I move the closet door?

lzhwongMay 26, 2013

We will be starting to build our new home in the next few weeks, however, there is still time to make a few tweaks.

This bathroom will be shared by my two boys. It is 8ft x 8ft. Currently, the linen closet door opens inside the bathroom. Do you think it would be better if I moved the door to the outside where the red line is?

Another option is to move the tub next to the toilet and put the vanity where the tub is.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

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We have the exact same layout in our son's/guest bathroom that is (still) being renovated. Our linen closet previously opened from the hallway but we moved it a couple of feet and reoriented it to steal some space during our adjacent masterbath reno, Now it opens from the guest bathroom and, at 24" deep, opening to the hallway was no longer an option. I think it's going to function very well for us, although I do think that I'll be storing extra pillows and comforters elsewhere. We'll have a highly efficient vent fan and have a louvered door on the closet because I didn't want to have to be concerned about any dampness in the closet. I don't foresee a problem with the doors swinging into one another because it's easy enough to close the hallway door to fully open the closet door.

I like your layout as shown and would not consider switching the tub and vanity. Putting the tub right inside the door would make the room feel more closed off than looking in to a vanity with mirror)s) above. Placement of the tub/shower as you have it allows for a standard alcove tub.

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I just wanted to add that, in your situation, it's really about how you feel you'd use the linen closet and which access makes the most sense for you. If you have sufficient storage in your masterbath that you won't need to utilize this storage regularly, then I wouldn't be concerned about it opening into your sons' bathroom. If it is your only linen storage, I might be more inclined to open it to your hallway.

Congratulations and good luck in building your new home!

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Treasuretheday: Thank you so much for your insight. There are actually several other linen closets upstairs so storage isn't a huge concern. I plan on putting towels and extra shampoo/soap in the bathroom closet. I was just more concerned that the door swing would be cumbersome. Thank you for the suggestion of putting in louvered doors.

Thanks again!

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Remember that you don't need or want an especially deep linen closet. You'll want it oriented the way the gives you the larger opening and shallower closet, imo.

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