Paisley and Hydrangea

kathleen_liAugust 19, 2010

It's Thursday. Time for another table.

Thanks for looking!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink and Green

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Kathleen, such a pretty table. Love your lime green hydrangeas and pink roses on your table. I always enjoy your wonderful dishes and linnens too. The more I see paisley the more it grows on me. Your tarts look so good.

Maybe some year I will be able to enjoy some fresh hydrangeas and then dried spray painted ones. It's great that you can dry and paint them for later use. Your black table is so neat too.


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Another lovely table, kathleen...I feel the need for a flowing summery dress & wide-brimmed hat to sit at your table (maybe a parosol umbrella) :-)

Love the vibrant pink & green colors of your linens (cloth & placemats) & then how you used soft colors with the dishes & flatware & pink roses placecard pcs. Hydrangeas are gorgeous! TFS your other ideas with the that hurricane candle wreath arrangement! Just a downright lovely t'scape! Jeanne S.

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Perfect table for a lovely Summer's afternoon, Kathleen! I'm so envious of you being so close to a WS outlet; you find such wonderful bargains! Love the tablecloth and your wonderful green-handled flatware. The napkin rings are fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing another great Kathleen Table with us!

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What a pretty tablecloth, love it. And the green handled silverware is so neat, what a good find, you are such a good shopper. I remember how you find so many great ways to use your dried hydrangeas. Are you able to store them for the next year or only use the one time? I'm so drooling over your tomato tart, looks and sounds yummy and healthy. Ingredients for the peach one are not combinations I'd normally expect, imagine the peaches make even the onion taste sweet don't they? I am constantly amazed that you can come up with such pretty tables each week! Great job! Luvs

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Kathleen..I have to say that I'm never disappointed with ANY of your tables!
I love the color combination you used, and also the
combo of the two paisley prints. I agree with Lynn...
I too am jealous that you have a WS outlet near you.
I also have Hydrangea envy. Yours are just beautiful...dried or otherwise.
I had to laugh when I saw your green swirl flatware.
I forgot that I purchased them at the beginning of the Summer, until I saw yours here. (goes to show you when you stash things away). When I first saw them at CTS, there were only a couple of sets left, and they were defective. I went back a week later, and was lucky to find more.
Well anyway...every detail of this table is just beautiful..right down to those lovely napkin holders!


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Another gorgeous table!
I always love what you put together and it is always so attractive and just my taste. I just enjoy how many pretty accessories you have.

I guess I'll have to go shopping again! LOL


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Thank you ladies. I thought I had come back to thank you, but I must have forgotten to hit submit!
I appreciate all your kind comments.
Jane, I am glad you got the flatware too. For the price, it is nice, and I have used it in a few more tablescapes since this one.

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I'm drying some hydrangeas right now. Three nice-sized ones and 5 puny ones. I just didn't get any decent blooms this year. And I did ALL the right things.

Luvs and I were feeling sorry for ourselves at lunch today when we brought up the Christmas Tree Stores that you all have. Man, oh man. What bargains!

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