Jeanne...Watermelon Pics For You....

slinkeyAugust 8, 2011

Jeanne...I read your Watermelon picture request.

I thought I'd post the pictures on a new thread so you wouldn't miss them..

I took several shots, so I hope they're helpful to your DH..If he makes you one..don't forget to post a pic for me..



Front View....

Angle Shot...

Face Down....


Lying Sideways....

DH is planning on making them in several sizes..

This one seems to be a big hit with anyone who sees me...they like the simple rustic look to it.

Again, hope the pics are helpful.


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Thank you, Jane...great close-up pics! That will help so much...I will show DH tomorrow ... for a rainy day project...looks like your DH will be busy for some orders too! I think it would great on my buffet shelf w/what I have up there now. Jeanne S.

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Your Welcome Jeanne...
I agree, a great rainy day project

Glad you thought the shots were helpful...I was
a little
I'm not a 'Pro Photograher' like you!! lol

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Jane, What a clever idea. The watermelon is wonderful.
Great pictures too.


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Wow the close ups are great!!! Makes me want to try making one too. Guess I need to go for a walk in the woods and find a wedge. Who knows I might get a paint brush to fit my hand again.LOL


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