Best thing for Dog hair in between regular cleaning

downsouth1993November 17, 2007

Hi All,

We have two furry dogs and our new home has some carpet in bedrooms, but mainly tile and laminate. We do the deep cleaning vacuuming with a Dyson Animal (love it!) but my husband, yes he vacuums :-) , asked if I could research if there is some type of stick vacuum or whatever that we could use inbetween vacuuming to pick up excess dog hair and dust bunnies skittling across the floor. I was using a Dry Swiffer but I really don't think they are all that great - kind of an expense to use those dry sheets which do get loaded with hair quite quickly. I would probably go through 3 or 4 of them to pick up the dog hair in this house (even with turning them over to use the other side). Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Use a paper towel on the end of the Dry Swiffer in place of the Swiffer sheets.

Bounty brand works best for me, but any kind will work.

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We use a Swivel Sweeper to quickly pick up dog hair in between our vacuum days. Love how it hugs the baseboards and easily slides under spaces...and our kids actually enjoy using the SS!!

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Thanks - swivel sweeper it is!

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Try an old fashoned dust mop....the kind with the swivel heat and the fluffy cover that removes for washing. Spray it lightly with vinegar water to cut static and swish it around on all the floors.
Picks up and holds an amazing amount of dog hair.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Then what do you do with a dust mop full of dog hair?

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Yes, I am wondering that, too, LindaC! I have been thinking that a dustmop would be just the thing for my cat hair problem, but I've never figured out how you get all the dirt out of it. Do you throw it in the washer? Does it clog the washer? Or is there some other method?


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You shake it out then place it in the washer. Much more enviromentally friendly than using any Swiffer Products, as these paper products fill our landfills fast.

Also, if you look on many of the Swiffer Products, they say to keep out of reach of pets. The chemical it is impregnated with is harmful to animals, additionally, the "refill" itself can pose a choking hazard to your animals.

I suggest any dust mop or a Microfiber mop, used dry. The flat microfiber mops.

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I use the Roomba Dirt Dog ($125.), it sweeps up all the pet hair and dander, I just empty the bin in the trash can. Best thing is, I just turn it on and it does all the work!

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we have cats, and one of our friends has huskies...

we got these microfiber 'mop' gloves, I think they were meant for cars? from Sam's Club, and stuck them over the head of push brooms.

mats of fur peel right off, get tossed, things get laundered once a week.

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When we bought this house we had two dogs, one shedding and one non shedding, we have since acquired another shedding dog. The two that shed do it all year round tried every dry mop and swiffer they made I finally found a stick vac that was great but cannot find another. so now I am going to look into the swivel sweeper. But I did not know that they make different roomba's There is a dog Roomba? tell me more, where is the site to find it... I am one of the steam mop groupies I love it, but have to get the dog hair and dust bunnies up first Gail

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Eureka Quick-up from Target - it was $30 and worth every penny. It's a cordless/bagless stick-vac - you just empty it in your trash. We have a yellow lab (really white). It's the best way to keep up with the dog hair problem in between deep cleanings especially on floors. Occasionally I clean the filter with a dry toothbrush just to get the dog hair completely off the filter. Works so well. You just charge it and you can use it several times in between chargings. Has a 'floor' and a 'carpet' button. I even use it on my couches sometimes -using the 'carpet' mode which rotates a brush to get the hair off. I've had mine for a few years and am still very happy with it.
Here's a link if you want to check it out. It received 4 1/2 out of 5 stars from Target buyers...

Here is a link that might be useful: Eureka Quick-Up

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I'm with mcfromct-- I love love love my Quik-Up. I have two cats and live on a high-traffic street so I get dirty cat hair. I've had my QU for several years now. The QU works well on low pile, deep pile surface, and hard floors. I use it to clean my futon when I change the sheets. I love that the handle comes off to make hitting the carpet on the steps easier. I have found that a full charge lasts about 25 min of straight cleaning. It's easy to clean. I have long hair, so I do have to clean the brushes every few weeks, but for something so lightweight, easy to use, and versatile, I am perfectly happy to do that! This is not for deep cleaning, this is for the daily task of keeping dust bunnies at bay.

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We have a Bernese Mtn Dog and there is absolutely nothing that sheds as much as she does. We have an older Eureka 'the Boss' floor vac that we use. We have had it for several years and I only paid about $10 - $15 on sale-- and it works WONDERS with grabbing all the dog hair that is left on our wood floors and kitchen vinyl. It is bagless and we just dump it in the trash... occasionally, my hubby will blow out the filter with his air compressor.

I don't even use my broom at all any more-- I just use the floor vac. Much easier and definitely picks up more dirt than sweeping does!

It doesn't work on carpet at all (there are no brushes) but you can take the long handle off and use it as a hand held vac!

Here is a link that might be useful: This is the newer model of it!

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