Anyone with DIY experience - frameless shower doors?

LbrookMay 6, 2012

Hi, I am wondering if any DIYers have attempted to install their own frameless shower doors? We are fairly experienced with DIY - replaced all of the windows and doors last spring then gutted the kitchen, tearing out walls and rebuilt. So we are used to taking on big projects ... I noticed, though, that some of the experts on different TV shows bring in a specialist to install the shower doors. Just wondering - could it be that difficult? Will be remodeling 2 bathrooms this summer. In both cases, will have a straight install. Kids shower will get a 28 inch door. Our shower will have a 5 ft opening, so probably just a fixed panel plus the door. Would love to hear your experiences - good or bad - so we can decide whether this is a project we'll tackle on our own or whether we'll bring in the experts. Thanks!

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Regardless of your experience level, a new or remodeled bathroom will rarely be perfectly plum and level.. so the install will not be as straightforward as you think.
Frameless doors are usually so expensive that I just would not risk DIY. If anything happens you would be out a large chunk of change. Not to mention that any manufacturer warranty would be void. We have had claims where 10 years after install the shower door imploded. The manufacturer replaced it at no cost to the homeowner. If they had installed it themselves that would not be the case...

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My DH installed our frameless shower door. No fixed panel just the door. No issues. Fairly easy. Have everything done first then measure for door/glass size. Having fairly straight walls help. Need a few helpers to hold the door while installing. No big deal.

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Get prices from many vendors, you might find that it will be less expensive to watch the pro do it. I got prices on just glass and it came out way way more and that didn't include shipping. The pro's will be able to measure and scribe the glass perfectly too.

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As you are DIYing it, even if you choose not to do the glass yourself, be sure to put in the blocking necessary to hold the weight of the glass doors. You are undoubtedly experienced enough to know that, though---just in case anyone else looks at this thread.

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I would just call every single glass place in town (with very specific descriptions of what you need) and get quotes. First place I called for my single panel quoted me $1400, the last place, Glass Doctor, quoted me $510. Determine how much of the price is labor and figure out if it's an appropriate value for the headache.

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We (well, Hubby) did ours, but he is a building professional with 20+ years experience. It wasn't that hard, but that was only because of how much work went into getting the opening perfect beforehand -- absolutely level and perfectly plumb. If it's not level and not plumb, or your opening is bigger here and smaller there -- then it won't be easy at all and I wouldn't DIY.

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Thanks, everyone, for your input and suggestions. Will do a bit more homework on costs for materials and labor and let you know what we decide.

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Been there, done that :) broke one panel. rather it shattered with an explosion in my hands.
would I do it again? YES.

Measure, measure, measure carefully. Installing it is straightforward. needs time and patience. A two person job. lots of towels to protect the edges.

I say, go for it. We installed 1/2" starphire. Still happy with the install...

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