Dylan's Birthday Present

christmascandyAugust 26, 2012

Even though last Wednesday was Dylan's 1st birthday, her party was today.

I painted this window scene for her bedroom. I'm learning my lesson, I painted this one on a particle board piece I found at the TS and forgot to take a before picture! The other murals I have painted, beginning with one I painted for her mother when she was little, have all been painted on the bedroom walls and eventually get painted over. This one can be removed from the wall when she gets too old for it and maybe saved for posterity, LOL.

Dylan wasn't too impressed, but my DD loved it!

Since she is our little princess, it has a castle theme, with the frame of her castle window looking at the next castle in the distance. All of the castle spire tops and roofs are a metallic purple, but the flash made some of them look silver.

We all had a lovely time, although the birthday girl is cutting a new tooth and wasn't her usual happy self, LOL.



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I vote for posterity! Any little girl would feel like a princess with this in her room! It is knock our gorgous! You have so much talent. Beautiful!!!!

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This mural is so beautiful and charming!!
Dylan is a lucky little girl to have such a talented grandma.
She can have so many adventures, going wherever her imagination takes her,
What a good idea to paint it on particle board!!
Thanks for sharing, Candy

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Oh Candy this is absolutely lovely! You did such a
fabulous job..I love it!
I'm sure as Dylan gets a little older, she will just love it too...I can see so many wonderful hours of imaginative
playtime that she will enjoy with it.
My DGD Taylor - who just turned 10 and has 3 brothers, was our 'little princess' too...I say 'was' because now she's referred to as 'The Drama Queen' !! lol
So glad you shared this with us and that Dylan had a wonderful day.

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Candy, your painting is beautiful! My sister painted all the wall murals for her kids too... most were their favorite Disney movie characters and scenes, and she did a fantastic job. They're all painted over now too. sigh.

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Marlene Kindred

That is simply amazing Candy!! What a lucky little girl your granddaughter is! The detail is beautiful...and the window looks 3D....WOW!!!

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Wonderful painting job, Candy, that turned out just gorgeous! So glad it can be removed from the wall and saved. Your little DGD is so lucky to have such a talented gma. Luvs

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Not sure I can add much to what everyone has said....your talent blows me away! And you are one special grandmama!!
I'm so glad you finally wised up, LOL, and painted on something moveable instead of a wall. Now maybe it can be shared with future children instead of painted over. That should be against law by the way in regards to your artwork!! ;o)

Jane, I cracked up over "Princess to Drama Queen". That most likely applies to most little girls I bet. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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"Jane, I cracked up over "Princess to Drama Queen". That most likely applies to most little girls I bet. LOL."

It certainly did for DD #1!!!

We hung the picture in Dylan's room last night. Amy said when Dylan woke up this morning, she looked at the picture, pointed to it and said "Da".
I guess that means she likes it, LOL!!

Thanks for the compliments everyone!!
I love creating personal items for my kids/grandkids.

Amy was reminiscing last night about the Pooh mural I painted for her bedroom when she was small and it was there when we sold that house! She said she was very sad to have to leave it behind when we moved. She is very happy that I painted this one on something that is not permanently part of the wall!

Thanks again everyone!

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Amazing mural, candy! You are so talented & share your gift! Love this! This computer room I'm sitting in has Charlie Brown & Snoopy & his Doghouse under several layers of re-painting! LOL! Not talented like you, lady ...but it did the trick back when our son was born many yrs ago! Thanks for the memories! Jeanne S.

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Candy I can relate to your daughter's feelings about
leaving her mural in the house you sold.
That happened with my oldest grandson.
His father painted a Pooh mural in his room when he was two.
When they moved two yrs later, he cried that it wasn't 'moving too'!
Glad you painted this one to be 'portable'
so it will be enjoyed for many years by many little ones!

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