Do marble floors in bathrooms get slippery??

twingleMay 15, 2013

I love the look of Carrera marble in the bathroom but I'm concerned that it would be really slippery. Is that a problem with marble floors in the bathroom?

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I don't know yet , I hope I'll know in a couple of weeks. I just installed my calacata marble tile floor yesterday . Waiting for the rest of the bathroom to be done . I already bought floor mats for the shower , tub, and in front of the sinks. I'll let you know if you can wait.

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Polished can be more slippery than honed. More grout lines equals more traction. ie, at the extremes, a mosaic will afford more traction than a slab.

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Sophie Wheeler

Once it etches, it's not so slippery or shiny any more. Starting off with honed marble helps the traction and to conceal the etches.

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We've only been using ours for a couple of weeks. It's honed and I don't find it slippery at all. We also have mosaic on the shower floor.

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i have a polished marble bathroom floor and haven't had any trouble at all with 'slipperyness'- they're about 12 or 13" tiles... i do have rugs in front of the shower, tub and vanity... but, not once have i felt my feet slip on the floor when on the bare tile.

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Thanks I really love the look of marble floors. So would you recommend keeping tiles on the smaller size. I would prefer no smaller than12". My floors now are the real small tiles and I'm tired of the look.

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