How to clean plastic 'window' on appliances?

buyorsell888November 14, 2008

I have clear plastic on my microwave door and over the keypad on the microwave and dishwasher. They are dirty and dish soap and water isn't doing the trick. I'm not sure if Windex is safe on plastic.

I use a Magic Eraser on the white "bodies" of the appliances but the nasty plastic is starting to be a problem.

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I just wipe mine down with a soapy dish cloth and dry it with a clean towel afterwards. I don't use windex but have used Glass Plus on almost everything and it hasn't hurt anything yet. Be careful with the Magic Eraser tho...I used one on a laminate counter top and it left a dull spot that never went away. Once you get your microwave & dishwasher clean it will be easy to keep that way if you just go over it with a cloth like you do your counters and stove.

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I use a spray cleaner called "Cinch" made by the same company as Spic 'n' Span. It's a great cleaner, cuts grease, gets everything clean, and is fairly gentle, not like strong chemicals. You can use it on glass and windows,too.

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Automotive cleaner wax is a great way to clean and polish clear plastic. It will remove fine scratch marks, and shine the plastic like new. It contains a mild abrasive that cuts thru grime and smooths out the plastic. If you want to use something that you already have in your home, you can use...............................TOOTHPASTE......also a mild abrasive, and works ALMOST as well.

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There are several automotive products that have handy applications around the household. I use a one step cleaner/wax on appliance surfaces, tile walls in the shower, chrome fixtures etc. I would recommend using small amounts and practicing on inconspicuous surfaces.

"Automotive" may sound dirty, outside, mechanical at first but pause and think about it. Car lovers use these thing to clean inside and outside of their $75,000 Corvettes. These people want no mistakes.

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I have cleaned the keypad with a dab of alcohol on a cotton ball.

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I have tried Dawn concentrated and hot water but it smeared the grease around and didn't clean it.

I've been cautious because my stepmother scratched all of my stereo components "windows" once cleaning them and I haven't wanted to scratch up my appliances. I suppose scratches are better than grease....

We have a microwave hood combination and it is not vented outside and there is grease all over the kitchen.

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Use a degreaser. I like Fireball. I've heard good things about Greased Lightening.

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I have a professional cleaner in 6 days a week who does the best job I could ask for. She honestly cleans as well as I would IF I had the time to do it. And when it comes to cleaning, I'm MAJORLY OCD!

To clean the kitchen appliances she takes an empty spray bottle and makes a 1:10 solution of LEMON scent Pinesol and water. It makes the who house smell good enough to eat. She also uses it outside the kitchen too, but you didn't ask about that, if you wanna know all the details of where she uses it, just ask, I don't bite.

Anyway, she sprays, and uses pure cotton clothes to wipe them clean and then takes a clean microfiber cloth, sprays a little water on the OUTSIDE of the appliance and buffs away any streaking and it also polishes the finish. We do this on our stainless steel and it works great. Warning to others though, test on an area that you can't see to make sure it's safe for YOUR stainless.

But anyway, that's how she cleans our home and I freaking LOVE the smell of the house when I come home from a busy day at the clinic and hospital to such wonderful smell.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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