Bought a white elephant!!

christmascandyAugust 2, 2012

I found this cute elephant table at ARC for 50% off = $14.99. He wanted to come home with me, so what could I do??

He is hanging out in the sunroom.

Then when Mom and I were shopping, we hit a major clearance sale at HL, all spring items 80% off!!

Found this glittery Garden sign, and put it in the suntoom too!! $29.99 - 80% = $5.98.

It is above the horse collar mirror I made decades ago from a horse collar from my DGF's barn. Pardon the picture of my pit in the mirror!


I also picked up a thermometer to use on the patio. I took the picture in the evening after a rain, so it had cooled down considerably as we just finished the hottest July on record!!

$24.99 - 80% = $4.98.

Picked up some other items for next yrs July 4th and items for DD too.



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Well you just can't argue with an elephant! And no wonder he wanted to come home with you, that was the perfect place for such a good-looking guy!

You got some incredible buys on sale. And I'm glad Hobby Lobby isn't real close, I just saved a lot of money! No thanks to you. LOL.

Yep, your summer has been pretty unreal with the heat this year. And speaking of CO, my oldest son has decided to move there next month. Aspen. He'd retired from the Phoenix P.D. last Aug and was torn between CO and WY. So he has lived in Cody the past year. Now he's headed your way, has two real close friends in Denver so they'll enjoy him being a few hours away now.

hugs, K

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Marlene Kindred

Well, what's a girl to do when such a cute elephant wants to come home with you?? He is really him on your sunporch! Your HL finds are great too....great prices can't be beat!

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'Why did an elephant paint his toenails yellow?
So he could hide in a lemon tree!' ~~giggle...I noticed your elephant has painted toenails...couldn't resist!

Looks great in your sunroom w/that wicker!!! Great buy ...bargain $$$ ...& HL...well, you got a steal there...I saw some of those same things at ours! Fun to see them in your home! TFS, candy! Jeanne S.

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Karen, I was trying to find info on line about Mr. Elephant and found one very similar that had a story to go with it. The guy who sold it had bought it in Vi*et N*am when he was serving there in the 60's and lugged it around with him wherever he went. His unit named it Buffie for Big Ugly F****N Fragile Indian Elephant, LOL It was a cute story but no price given for the sale.

Is your oldest son a skier? Aspen is a pretty town but also pretty expensive, lots of celebrities hang out there!

Marlene, he was so cute, I couldn't resist and 2 other shoppers actually asked if I was really going to buy him as they wanted him if I changed my mind. That made me more certain I wanted him, LOL!!

Jeanne, HaHa!!

How do you kill a blue elephant?
Shoot him with a blue elephant gun.
How do you kill a pink elephant?
Hold his nose until he turns blue and shoot him with the blue elephant gun.

At 80% off, I couldn't resist all the great deals I found, and I even found a couple of salad plates in the 90% off section with our last name initial on them!

Thanks everybody,

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Candy, I bet you didn't know you needed an elephant!!
He looks perfect in your sun room.

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~~~blue elephant jokes ~~Ha! Ha! TFS, candy! Jeanne S.

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Candy, what a fancy elephant! Makes mine look like he better go back to the jungle. Love your new glitter GARDEN sign. Your thermometer is a great addition with your clock.

Always fun to find good deals. Keep shopping and sharing.


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Nana, at first I wasn't interested as much of our decor is centered around golf, but he was so cute and I finally caved, LOL

Jeanne, I used to tell a joke every day when I was teachng and if I forgot, the students would remind me! So I have a large repertoire of silly jokes.

Punk, no problem with the urge to keep shopping!! I do have a problem with the reality of: maybe I don't need "that." LOL Addicted to shopping?? Who? Me??

Thanks again,

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Beautifully painted elephant, loved all the jokes too, made me smile this morning. LOL Candy, I have to say only you could turn a horse collar mirror into something frou frou and feminine! ;o) Love the garden sign too. Fun seeing your new treasures. Luvs

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I agree Candy..that Elephant found a perfect place
in your sunroom to hang out..lucky guy!
You found some nice bargains and that garden sign is adorable. & Jeanne and your Elephant Jokes gave me my chuckle for the day!

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wow, that's a great elephant! He is the prettiest painted elephant that I've ever seen.

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Are you sure that elephant didn't want to come home with me? :(

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