Pink and Green Summer Table

phonegirlAugust 21, 2011

One of my DF gave me her Rogers 'First Love' Flatware that were her DM's. She gave me her DH's aunts tea set she rec'd as a wedding gift. So I let TJ borrow the new tea set. The two ladies were also from her collection she gave me but I don't know what they are. Do any of you?

DD's neighbor was having a ys and sold me this set of Oneida 'Savannah' dishes for $2. The moss rose coffee pot I used for the cp was $3 and is by Johann Haviland. The 8 pink bowls $1, napkin rings 8 $1, 4 gr plates by Home $1, and pink linnens, tc & 8 napkins were $1. Most of these were her DM's and she just wanted them out of there. My kind of sale! I'll be sharing more later.

I had bought the pink mercury candle holders at Ross this summer and was thrilled when I seen them. Used my DM's rose glasses and my Princess House cups.

TJ will start with showing the new tea set. She loves them as much as I do!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a new ts tonight. Punk & TJ

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Oh gosh, punk! I am amazed at how you can create a t'scape like this one! It is so 'dainty' & 'frou-frou' ... an image that I can't even contemplate in my mind when I'm doing a t'scape!

So, I think this one is precious...esp your 1st pic w/TJ & the tea set! What a precious gift from your friend! It's beautiful & TJ does look excited to be showing it off ...& I still love her pal looking over her shoulder! LOL!

WOW, again...what bargain $$$! You outdid yourself! I am lovin' that centerpc pitcher...w/your roses...very pretty. And those 2 "ladies' look so delicate on your help here in ID'ing...but they are a wonderful gift!

Your placesettings of those dishes are lovely, lovely, lovely! You are so good at 'stacking' your settings! And the linens of 3 diff colors all looks perfect tog! Ahhh, I love how everything looks! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Woohooo Punk! Did you ever score some lovely things!
I can't believe the prices you paid. What beautiful gifts from your friend. I agree, that TJ looks very pleased with that pretty tea set.
Like Jeanne said, this is such a precious table. I love the pattern on the dishes, the delicate pink bowls and the pretty linens. Your floral Coffee Pot and Pink Mercury candleholdes compliment everything perfectly.

I think when we arrive with the 'Holidaze Bus'...everyone will enjoy sitting at this lovely table you created !!


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I was so excited just reading about all your new treasures. TJ looks excited too! Very clever of you to set the candleholders on one of the matching plates--ties them in nicely. Love the name of your new silverware, and you know I love the pastel softness of it all. Very pretty table, I'll be out front waiting for the bus! Luvs

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All I can say is WOW!!!!! The soft pinks and greens are so delicate looking, I love the dishes and flatware too,,,,, The Rose centerpiece is just beautiful. I don't know anything about the ladies either, but I sure do like them. My kind of table and definately my kind of shopping.Janet

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What a beautiful table, so delicate and feminine looking....It would be perfect for a Tea Party with your friends from the 'Holidaze Bus'. TJ looks so happy to be able to touch the tea set and to be Mommy's little helper. I love everything from the pretty napkins and napkin rings to the mercury glass candleholders. The way you used the soft pinks and greens to accent the lovely china is wonderful.I don't know what the little ladies are either, but they are very pretty [I'll bet Karen will know].
Knowing that you were able to create this table at such amazing prices makes it even more special.
TFS Punk and TJ

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Thanks Jeanne, I love your woodsy look but I seem to have more of the elegant things for my tables. I have started buying more things that are the farm type after seeing all of your neat tables! I need to change little TJ's outfit but only have lots of pinks from DGD and that puppy doesn't move so...

Jane, your on! I will be waiting for the bus. Can't think of anything that would be any better than having all of you show up. I thought about you with those mercury candle holders.LOL

Luvs, glad you like the candles on the plates. It is a lg setting with the four different size plates. I thought my table needed something else to help fill in. I will be using this "First Love" flatware for my Valentines ts but couldn't wait to show all of you. DF said it had only been used a few times.

Janet, you are so fun and I wish you could share pictures with us. I'm thinking you have all kinds of goodies just waiting to share.

Nana, get on that bus and head out as fast as you can safely. I'd love to share with all of you. I have been cutting back on my dish buying but these prices were to good to pass on.

Thanks so much ladies for all your sweet comments. I enjoy this forum so much and it's all because of all of you.


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Wowza!! Did you make a haul as my great uncle used to say!!
I'll bet your DF was thrilled that her family treasures were going to such a good home, and probably the same with DD's neighbor.
What great prices, especially the free ones, LOL

This is a seriously beautiful table and I am waiting for the bus, heck, I'll even bring the cucumber sandwiches, (Isn't that what they always have in the novels for ladies teas??) LOL

Ditto what everybody else said already.


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How neat to get such wonderful 'old' stuff! That's the best kind! The moss rose teapot makes a gorgeous centerpiece. I've seen them on eBay for up to $40 at times! I've always thought the line of moss rose dishes were so delicate and pretty. Like your table.
TJ is being quite the little lady here just for you.

I can't really see the lady figurines very well, but from what I can see, they aren't familiar right offhand. Do they have any marking on the bottom?

I love the pink mercury candleholders. Mercury anything for that matter.

hugs, Karen

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Candy, it doesn't get better than free but you sure find alot of great dishes while shopping. They do serve cucumber sandwhiches at tea parties. I love adding them to my deli sand.

Now that your new Gr Baby has arrived, you'll be busy taking care of them, I guess I'll furnish the sandwiches for the tea party when we arrive. U know we're coming ur way now to help spoil that new baby and DGD!!!

Karen, the ladies are "ANTIQUE DRESDEN LACE FIGURINES" from Germany and quite expensive. Don't know why I didn't turn them upside down and look but thanks for asking if they have any markings on the bottom. They sure do! Best take good care of them. Checked out the coffee pot on ebay too.

I love the mercury too and have other pieces packed away that I will be sharing with all of you.

Thanks Candy and Karen for your comments. You ladies are the best on here and it is to bad we don't live closer. Jane, get that bus ready, please it's time for a road trip!!!


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What a pretty table, Punk! It looks so feminine, would be perfect for Mother's Day too!

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Marlene Kindred

Such a soft and elegant table setting! Love the coolness of the colors. Beautiful dishes, glassware and table decor.

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Thanks for looking and your sweet comments Kathleen and Marlene. I will be holding on to summer as long as I can this year. It really seemed to fly by.


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