Natural stone? Be careful

martinca_gwMay 18, 2012

To help others avoid my mistake: natural stone, be it marble, travertine, etc. will rarely be perfect. At the suppliers the boxes were opened, I examined several layers and okayed it. Of course, looking at every piece of travertine for our large MB would have been tedious and annoying to all involved. For that floor, luckily, there were only a few glaringly bad ones, and we were able to replace. For the small bath, In the darker light of the warehouse, I did not notice the scratches on the polished marble mosaics and am living with a pretty, but imperfect floor...the scratches make it look not as clean as I'd like. Sooooo,, whenever possible, look at each one.

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tile setter is just placing my marble as we speak, I was surprised today to find out that they are using sanded grout per tile company. I am loving the look so far. I did the same thing, I didn't look at the tile, and I was surprised that there were many many tiles that were almost without any veining. Daily lessons leaned in this process of remodeling.

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