dog doors?

housebuilder14April 23, 2014

Does anyone have one - what kind, how does it work? Do you worry about break-ins? Or loss of efficiency (heat/air)? Thanks!

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My sister's had one for about 15 years. I has 2 heavy flexible inner & outer flaps, and a panel that slides into the indoor section to lock it closed.

It is GREAT. Did not even notice heat loss this past frigid Chicago winter.

Is only "open" when they are home. Gets "locked" shut when they are not home. Would need a very small child to fit through it (however, different sizes are available).

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I've had to break in through one before. Just slide the inside panel up and now you have a nice big hole you can reach in and grab the doorknob with. Quick and easy.

The previous owners at our house also cut a messy hole with a circular saw through what was a nice solid, carved door to put one in, so because of that + being able to break in easily I'm not a fan.

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I have three Brittanys now, and have owned three at a time for many years. (love 'em!). BY FAR, the best dog door I have ever owned is the type I have linked below.

I used to have another type that was a soft (but heavy) vinyl flap with attached magnets, and for the first several years, they were great. But they changed manufacturers, and the quality went way down. I started looking for a better style/brand.

I was a bit shocked at the price of this kind, but after reading reviews for it on many sites, I bit the bullet and got one. It's been in for a few years, with my three blasting through it several times a day (and night) and it's worth every penny I paid for it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Endura Flap⢠Dog Doors for Walls

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Elraes Miller

I just bought a stanley storm door for the kitchen. It has a dog door already installed which is very substantial for the use it will get, actually better than the separate ones available. The door needs some detail as it is very plain. I'm going to use some faux garage hinges on it which will up the looks and match my kitchen. But the nice thing is to still be able to lock up at night with the interior door. And the price was right, compared to buying a decent dog door and installing. I can't believe the price of dog doors now. HD has this door in store. Ask at the service desk as the door guys had no clue.

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We have had a Hale dog door for 5 years now and love it. It is incredibly sturdy. Worth every penny. And it's locking panel has a bolt to secure it.

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I had a dog door many years ago for my 2 dachshunds. I loved it!!

Dh wouldn't let me put one in this house because he said the door was too nice to put a "hole" in. Ridiculous.

A specific requirement for our new house was a laundry room with a back door to the outside. I will have a dog door in this house.

Mine was small enough that I'm not too worried about break ins.

Amyk--thanks for the heads up.

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Never considered putting it through a door.

Ours is through an exterior wall (kitchen to backyard deck).

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My mom has one and loves it, but she locks it every night to prevent 'coons and possums from coming in at night -- and they would come in to eat the dog's food.

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doggie coming in

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