LG dryer: customer service is rotten

lizgardenerMay 14, 2014

I have a two-year-old dryer that has a lint trap that has warped and is catching my clothes and tearing them. I called CS and their response is, my dryer is out of warranty and they have redesigned that part (because, obviously, it was a defective design), and the fix requires two parts and a service call, and unless I produce my receipt they won't fix it.

My question is, why do I have to prove purchase to get it fixed? I mean, I have the machine, I have the unique number it comes with, obviously I purchased the machine. Why do I have to find a receipt for them to do the right thing and fix it? Why do they have to make *me* jump through hoops to fix *their* design flaw? And why are they so snotty on the phone?

Don't buy LG. They clearly don't care about their customers.


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Maybe I'm confused, but if they're willing to do an out-of-warranty repair/fix for a part they later changed due to to problems, I'd say that's GOOD service, not bad, and something I agree companies SHOULD do, but many do not. (Repair known faulty parts, even on out of warranty appliances.)

Producing a receipt is a common warranty requirement. Often warranty does not transfer to secondary purchasers, so proving you're the original buyer is a standard, and I'd say, reasonable request. If, for whatever reason, you no longer have such proof of purchase it's possible you'll get them to waive the requirement by giving them more information or explaining the situation again to another rep, calmly and politely.

And I know it doesn't help you now, but I've learned (the hard way) to make copies of my purchase receipts for major purchases and store them, along with the product's original instruction manual, in a specific locale for easy potential future access.

By the way, we have an LG steam washer and dryer and, knock wood, have so far not needed service. We've been very happy with the quality.

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Thanks for the heads up on that Liz, I do listen to other consumers when they have had issues. I've never had any LG products but good to know about your negative experience.

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unfortunately any manufacturer is not responsible for repairing something out of warranty unless it is a recall. the fact that lg will fix something out of warranty frankly is amazing!
can you get the store you bought it from to give you a copy of your receipt?

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i've been in the retail appliance here in the ny metro area for well over 3o +yrs and i can sincerely tell you that LG service is the worst ;we make it a point in our stroe to steer the customer away from the koren brands which have a bad rep among us for their service;if you truly want a better w/d then go with electrolux mid to high end models

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