How do I handle setting Crema Marfil?

jjaazzyMay 14, 2012

I have about 40 to 50 sq feet of 16" x 16" Crema Marfil Marble that I need to fill into areas where tile was not previously laid. I tried to do the research here and elsewhere on what product to use for setting the tile (thin-set) but, came out scratching my head. The Marble floor is laid very tight. Most of the areas will be under cabinets but there is a large 2' x 7' area that will be exposed. Can you tell me what notch to use and do you need to butter the back of the marble with this size tile? Do you think a novice tile layer can handle tight marble or should I get someone in to do it? We laid rec. 24 x 24 tiles with a 1/16th space and did pretty good but nervous about this project.

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Let me ask you-- this is going to be an addition onto existing marble?

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Yes, most of it won't show but when the floor was originally tiled they didn't yank the cabinets and now we are redoing the space and want to do it right and bring everything up to level. Thanks for your help Bill much appreciated.

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If the stone will sit lower than existing stone with a standard 3/8 or 1/2" notch, instead of using a regular thinset, try using a non-sag medium bed mortar, like Laticrete's 4XLT. It's like 255 with a heavier grit sand in it. You can build it up some, and not worry about it slumping. Use a level and your fingertips to check each piece as you install it to make sure you're flush AND flat.

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Thanks Bill, DH was going by HD and picked up a bag of Jamo floor mud. Do you think that is ok? He was out and we had not heard from you yet so he asked the guy at DH (scare me!) It can go back if it is wrong but I hope it is ok,
Tile is thinner then original tile so we will build up floor some. DH wants to build up floor a little bit with this stuff to fix an original construction mishap of miss aligned pipes that missed the interior wall framing... oops. Then come back with this stuff and set the tile in it. Flat and Level! Most of our project will never be seen again but want to do a perfect job here for practice for the small area that will be seen. Thanks again......

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