OT - A 'Barnwood Bloom' Outside Decor & More

jeannespinesAugust 26, 2011

Since some of us here 'definitely' don't want summer to end yet (like me), I decided to share some 'summer outdoor decor' that I've been working on the last few days...kind of OT but thought you might enjoy.

Here's my newest 'Barnwood Bloom' finished up today:

Used old barnwood board & added 1 coat of Poly,

a gas stove grate & stained glass candleholder (both TS finds), (pound in staples & a screw)

a piece of rod from a broken patio umbrella,

the 2 leaves are cut from 2 shelf brackets (DH had to cut them off for me)...

& GE Silicone II w/a marble for the flower center,

& added a couple eye screws & wire to the back so it can be hung or free-standing.

I love that stove top grate...it's almost like looking at a flower thru a window!

Here's a birdhouse DH cut out of old barnwood & we built it tog & I painted it a light gray & added some Hammered Rustoleum to the roof ... jane, I remembered you wanted to see this whenever I used that little metal 'hummingbird' that I got at GS awhile back...so here it is:

And, of course, we must also 'water' the birds...here's my $20 big, heavy duty cement birdwaterer that a friend found for me at an auction...I spray painted it w/3 colors & it is in my Secret Garden in the Pines...

And my real find of the month is "Henri Studios Two Cherubs Reading" (heavy, heavy stone materials or whatever) ... it was on sale at Menards for $29.99 ...I spotted it under the bottom shelf & DH had to help me get it up off the floor & onto a cart (LOL!)...so now it's out in my Secret Garden by the log swing...DH said to pick out my spot cause he doesn't want to move it again (nor the birdbath!)

The Tipsy Buckets are looking like there (remember this is 'summer decor'...let's keep summer around for awhile!

And my rope terracotta pot on the pool deck looks pretty good even with our July heatwave!

And this yr the herbs are right beside the porch door on the patio:

Ok, happy 'Outside Summer Decor' (as you may know, I post on the Garden Junk Forum here so now I've extended my self to you, Holiday-ers! ;-) TFLookin'!

And on a more somber note, hugs, good thoughts & prayers to all Forum Friends who are dealing w/Irene. Stay safe. Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Same Cherub mold in my pics ...look at this price!

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Jeanne, you are just full of it tonight. I love everything you shared. The 'Barnwood Bloom' is so pretty. Great job on creating this one! The gas stove grate really sets off your flower.

The little hummer on your birdhouse is sweet. That cement birdwaterer looks heavy and looks nice with the other mushroom and surroundings.

Your "Henri Studios Two Cherubs Reading" is just darling and you stole it for sure at $29.99. Buys like this are not always at our finger tips but sounds like having a Good Eye paid off.

Tipsy pots are looking good. It seems as though petunias and moss roses like the hot dry summers. I love your dahlias in your rope terracotta pot. So pretty. The terra cotta fish are just to cute too.

The flowering kale, peppers and herbs are doing well. I use to plant flowering kale every year but didn't even think about it this year so it was great seeing yours.

Thanks so much for going OT and sharing all these great pictures w/us.


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WooHoo Jeanne! Your Garden Cherubs were a STEAL ! Lucky you, and what a perfect spot in your Secret Garden too.
Such a lovely - peaceful place to sit.
I love seeing your garden with all your wonderful creations. That Barnwood Bloom is so different. I love all the different elements you used to put it together.
Great finish on the birdhouse, and the hummingbird is a perfect match - like they were 'made for ea other'. Actually I guess you can say the birdhouse was made for the hummingbird! lol I'm glad I got to see how you used it.
Love the look of the flowers 'spilling out' of the tipsy bucket..such a nice look, and I'm jealous of your herb garden !!
I feel like I'm looking at a copy of 'Cottage Gardens'...everything is just lovely Jeanne..
I really enjoyed looking.

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Thanks, punk & jane...been kind of a lousy day so I needed to post & get out of this mood. This 'Irene' business is sounding so bad ...am hoping everyone will find safety ...so overwhelming! Times are tough for so many again...ugh.

punk...you mentioned Moss Rose...here's my Mermaid 3-tier planter by the pool (we have an above ground pool...you know in IA, you get to use a pool maybe (?) 3 good mos...maybe 4 (that's stretching it)! LOL!

yup, jane...the hummingbirdhouse was made for the hummingbird...LOL! Have a good night, my forum friends...hope you are safe, jane. Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, hope your mood picks up. Seeing your yard ALWAYS makes me feel good. Tho I whine about not being your next door neighbor a lot. LOL.

The flower you made is wonderful. But I feel that way about all your gardens and creations as you know.

Prayers for those who will be dealing with Irene. I will worry till you can all check in after she passes.
hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics. They make me happy looking at them. The barn wood flower and hummingbird house are terrific.
I started a perennial garden this year. I don't think it will ever get to look as nice as yours.

Mother Nature has really been on a rampage this year!
We are supposed to feel the effects Irene, but we are not in her direct path. My thoughts and prayers are with those who are.

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Oh Jeanne, your barnwood creations are always so neat. It is so great that your husband enjoys helping you make them too. Love your new purchase, you not only have a good eye for spotting a good bargain, but you also seem to just know where they will look best in your yard as well. I have tipsy pots, but I love your tipsy buckets! Make sure you take the time to just sit outside enjoying all your creations and flowers while summer lasts. Wish I could come sit in that neat swing in your secret garden and share a glass of iced tea with you! Luvs

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Jeannie, I love your barnwood flower and the hummingbird bird house. You have a lot of talent and find just the right thtings to use, Your garden is beautiful, Those tumbling buckets are just the greatest, and I would love to have you come and paint a couple of old bird baths for me, you did such a great job on yours, I"m with Luvs; I could sure enjoy sitting in your secret garden with a big glass of ice tea. Can't think of anything nicer, Janet

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Thanks karen, nana, luvs & janet...
I'd sure fill some glasses w/iced tea for ya'...just made a gallon of sunshine tea for DH yesterday. I'm sure you can't do that, PM...the glass water jar would 'boil' in your AZ sun!

Hope all our forum friends are surviving Irene & was good to hear from Janet & Nana on nana's b'day post. Terrible weather of a diff kind for you, PM! Let's hope things turn around soon...lots of rebuilding for those out East. Jane & Kathleen?

Maybe we can enjoy a bit of summer yet in Sept! Jeanne S.

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