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janet1_2007August 15, 2013

I know it's been way too long sence I"ve posted anything here, believe it or not, my computer wouldn't let me post anything. MY DD uses it to lok at everybodies beautiful decorating, and then the next time I tried to post, it would not accept my pass word. I"M not very tech savey, and with everything going on with dh, I just hadn't had the energy or brains to figure out what was wrong. I have read ALL posts and oughed and aughed over all the pics even though I hadn't commented. DH is doing good from his heart sugery, but still going down hill mentallly. I"ve been promoted to chief chaufer by the Dr's and the DMV so it keeps me busy just doing the running& I"m still baby sitting my little soon to be 4 year old gs, so it's been a busy summer. My flowers and my vegie garden have been a total disaster this year, too little time and too much rain. My daughter kidnaps me for a few hours on Sat mornings to go yardsaleing and thrifting with her to get me out of the house a little while before DH gets up( Thank God for small favors, since his surgery he sleeps later if there is nothing he has to do) I have found lots of neat things, just can't seem to get time to enjoy then. Everybody keep posting, and even though I may not post, know that I see every one and as I have often said before coming here a few minutes at night to help me unwind is a lifesaver. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts. They really help..Friends really are your family of choice. Love u all

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Good to hear from you, Janet. Take each day ... yup, each day ... I'm glad you have family for a pick-me-up ... hugs to you & each of yours ...Jeanne S.

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My heart goes out to you Janet, so much responsibility and worry as well. Glad you are able to get out a bit for some R&R. Prayers for your DH and for you as well. Hugs, Luvs

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Janet, you really have a hard road to travel.
I'm glad you can get out for some R&R.
Remembering you and your DH in my prayers.

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Marlene Kindred


So nice to hear from you, though you sound very overwhelmed. So sorry for all that you are going through. I know what you mean about gardens and yards. I haven't done a single garden project all summer and decorating just had to go out of the window. Been busy with other things and with all of the rain and going back to work in August, my gardens have exploded with over growth and weeds! But....fall is coming and the weedeater will be coming out soon to give them all a haircut.

So happy that you get out a bit to do some fun yardsaling and thrifting! Shopping therapy is great!

Hugs to you!


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Janet, it sounds like you got control of the car keys and convinced DH not to drive. I'm sorry it means so much more on you to do, but hopefully less stress at least.

Its wonderful your daughter gets you out for a little "Me" time. You definitely need that. Grab any moment of fun or relaxation you can. Especially since you need energy to keep up with Grayson! That age is pretty exhausting for a grandma.

You stay in my prayers.
hugs from the heart,

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Janet, your so sweet and have a full plate for sure.
So happy you and DD get away at times. You need
to take care of yourself! Sending hugs and prayers
your way.


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