Are you ready for the bus? Who's coming?

jeannespinesAugust 31, 2010

Ok, I see you gals now ... & your DH's ... are you getting good advice ... planning out the route??? Who is that scratchin' her head? Purplemoon?? Luvs? or is that you Slinkey? Nah, might be OA ... Punk? Candy? Kathleen? Mag? Milo? Oreo? Who'd I forget? Please identify yourself!

Well, hurry up, gals! I'm waiting for that bus! You may not recognize me in my best duds ... but here I am ...a bit taller, slimer ...but rarin' to go!

Ok, ok! Get on the darn bus, ladies! Pic time is over! Oh, maybe these are the sexy ladies waiting to be picked up (by the bus, of course!) smirk, smirk.

I knew that wasn't a "fantasy" bus...these are real people in real pics! (from my collections) Chuckle...chuckle. Hope you enjoyed! Hugs from Jeanne S.

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Too cute!!
What a great collection. They look like some pictures my DGM used to have.
Wouldn't it be fun if we could get on the bus?

There are lots of great sights to see in CO and I know where lots of TS are!!

Come visit.


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Of course, I'm coming. But I have to get a substitute for my class first.

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Jeanne and OA, these pictures are great. I came here to sit for awhile since my feet are killing me from running all day and night. Is this an age thing? Got a good laugh looking at these pics and trying to put names on them.

Our server crashed before I started payroll today so had to go get a new computer. Like I didn't already have enough on my plate.LOL I did however take time out while waiting for programs to load to run to the country store and found 6 glasses with green Irish Coffee and a shamrock on them . Would be cute for St Paddy's table.

Jeanne, are these relatives of yous that you don't know the names of?

OA, is this one of your classes and you are the cute teacher?

I'm going to miss all of you while I'm at the fair. So when I get back we'll load up the bus and head out for some fun times.

Take Care My Fun Friends,

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I'll be there with ribbons on! Where's the bus stop?

- Magpie

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Actually, Punk, the teacher in the picture is my mother.

MP, love the hair ribbons!

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Oh You Gals...this is HILARIOUS !
Jeanne... That group picture is just too funny...and
you've even included some of our DH's too. lol
Don't we ALL look 'Dandy'... I'm sorry to say dear, that 'You' are a bit overdressed, for our dusty Ole Holiday Bus! I might have to pass you up!! HA!
Love those pictures Jeanne..and from the looks of that gal in the group photo, scratching her head, looking 'Confused'...THAT definitely could be Me!!

OA...Love the School Picture with your Mother. Look at the size of her class, and I'll bet those kids were well behaved too.'re looking 'Cute & Innocent' in that pic...
ditto on the Hair Ribbons!

Punk...hope you have a good time, and try not to wear yourself out...


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Magpie how cute.

OA, that is wonderful that you have that picture of your mother with her class.

One of my GF's mother dropped off some school pictures of us kids growing up this summer and I just noticed the envelop in my caddy on the desk. So I can come out and play before heading to bed.LOL


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Oh, Punk,

What did you have up your sleeve? I can see those wheels turning...

- Magpie

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I agree Magpie!
Behind that cute smile, She's got that 'Look'...any Teacher can spot that a mile away !
I've got you pegged Punk....


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Ok, pic me up & we'll backtrack to NM ...cause I love that state! Lynn, Lynn...yoo that you, DH & DD?

Looks like the gang is ready! Even those cute girls! LOL! More comments later...Jeanne

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WHAT FUN! I love the Pictures, everyone looks so excited to be going on this adventure!! Can't wait to see all of the pictures when you get back! Have a great time! LOL NanaKaren

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What a fun post, Jeanne! Love the old pictures, aren't they wonderful? How in the world did they ever keep those pretty white dresses clean? I can't even keep a white t shirt clean for 15 minutes!!!

OA, that's so great you have a pic of your Mom's class, don't you teacher's often wonder what happened to some of the kids you had in your classes? Heck, I often wonder what happened to some of the kids I went to school with! Been in touch with a few, but not many.

Magpie, what a sweet picture. Is that really you? ;o)

Punk, love that picture of you. What a cutie and yes, can just see the fun mischief in your eyes.

This has just made my day--better get going now and try to accomplish something!


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I can tell ... some of you are not only "enablers" ... but "procrastinators!" Who are these ladies? Betty? Nana? Sitting on a log!!! Just passing time ... waiting for the bus!

Yup, these are old pics that I inherited & didn't want them put in a thrift or antique shop I have a shoebox full...and pull them out for fun! When my Mom did her geneaology project, lots of people sent her pics like these from way back...& lots of them had no ID, yes, I figure all of these pics are long, long distance relatives! (haven't seen Adam or Eve yet, though!)

In the past I've shared old pics always with kids' learning a bit of photography ...& on cards ... I always scan 'em to keep a copy. Glad you enjoyed! It brightened my day, too, as another loved uncle passed away. Jeanne S.

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Jeannie, what neat photos. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. Life was much simpler then, We might have actually cooked meals to serve on our pretty tables from scratch.. Talk a bout procastanating, I think I must have been the one that word was coined to describe. But I'm packed and unpatiently waiting on that bus. sure hope it's not broke down.Janet

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That was great, Jeanne!
I have the family here this week, so I will have to wait till they leave to catch the bus!
OA, I can't believe how many kids in your mom's class. The most I ever had was 34 . Now as a student in Catholic school I know we had 40. But that doesn't look like Catholic school!

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slinkey that last picture too. Those two are definitely related..same expression on each face...
I especially enjoyed this post, as I enjoy looking at old photos and try to figure out ages and what was behind the 'pose'.
I have a wall of those old family photos too. I inherited them from my DGM. It took me quite a while to collect frames for them. They were in a shopping bag, sitting in the attic.. When I would go to SA, and see old photos just thrown in a pile, for sale. I thought how sad, these people had a family history and no one cared about them . That's when I decided to take my old photos from the attic, and frame them. Before my Aunt passed,(she knew everyone) I had her name who was in each photo and I wrote their name on the back. I figured, when I was gone, my DD or DGkids would have some connection to them.
I've had people come into my home, see them on the wall and ask if I know all those people..and happily is say 'Sure Do'!


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Jeanne, what a wonderful post and the pictures are priceless. Thank you for such a great "day brightner".
Forgive me for not responding properly but wanted to let you know I came, read, saw, and LOVED.

Yes, you are right, that HAS to be me in the first photo scratching her head. The fact she is NOT wearing a DRESS is a dead giveaway!! I'm probably scratching my head cause my horse ran back to the barn....

hugs, Karen

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OMG, those pics are priceless!

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Oh no, Purplemoon! I think you found your horse! But look what you had to ride to find it! And here you're wearing "tights" or something! LOL! Happy that you enjoyed the pics! You are in my thoughts these days! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, found another photo of "me".
I'm the one with long hair and wearing the scarf, tho whatever possessed me to wear short shorts with heels???
Then again....LOL
But who are the other three of you here? I can't tell.

hugs, Karen LOLing

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Karen...I bet one of them gals is "yachter!"...didn't see her in my pics, anyway! Bet she is racing to the beach! Dressed for it, anyway! LOL! ... That is just such a CUTE pic! Love it! Jeanne S.

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The one of the lady by the tree is ME watching for you to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great pictures...y'all are some good lookin' ladies!!

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Ahhh, jaybird! I missed you are there! Who's that by you sitting on the log? Or are you walking up the sidewalk by the tree (that 2nd pic)? LOL! Well, by-golly, whichever you are, it's good that you're ready for the bus! It will be coming soon! Jeanne S.

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