How to clean a filthy Viking stainless stovetop

carol9999November 2, 2006

i am purchasing a house and they have all Viking appliances in the kitchen....the prior owners NEVER cleaned and the gas viking stainless steel stovetop has caked on disgusting, black stuff, that is cooked on all over it including crevices, little parts, grates, etc....i dont want to throw out this expensive there anyway i can clean it? what is the best stuff to get without ruining the finish... has anyone heard of Fulsol by Fuller that supposed to clean stainless without being too toxic?....any suggestions would help...thanks

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Unfortunately, I cannot be of much help. However, I suggest you contact Viking and let them know the model and finish of the stove/top and ask them what they suggest. I doubt they want terrible versions of their products out there. I have many stainless steel appliances and I have found that the polish that must be ordered from Dacor is the best for polish. However, it doesn't clean. Be careful what you use because many of the degreasers for stoves work on cast iron but create permanent streaks in stainless.

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I suggest considering having it steam cleaned, perhaps professionally. I have a Jade/Dynasty range and I regularly use a steamer on it. I have also had good luck with Dawn Power Dissolver on removable parts (grates, burner pans, racks, etc.,). As always test it in a concealed spot first.



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I'd start by trying to brush away anything that's already loose. Then I'd move on to hot water. I've never seen a viking, but I know on my stove, that the main part of the stovetop is lower than the burners, so I could pour hot water on it and it would puddle there - and not get the burners themselves wet. I think that soaking is the best for nasty burnt-on stuff. I'd also add some baking soda to that hot soaking water.

I might also try hot water and oxiclean, but I'd probably call viking first and ask about that.

Also, when scrubbing at the gunk, be sure to rub the same direction of the "grain" if it has a brushed finish.

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I know some of you might think I'm crazy..I am ;-)

On my glass top range when something burns on it...I put mr clean amonia on it then cover it with plastic wrap for 15 minutes...wipes right up.

For my stainless bbq grates I put them in a plastic bag with a little amonia for 15 minutes...rinse damage to the grates

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Try Awesome Cleaner Degreaser. It is a dollar store cleaner and is incredibly powerful without being toxic. I didn't believe it when my Aunt told me about it. But is really works.

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Read all of this with interest. If you will go to the Viking web site, you will find that they recommend a product sold by Magnolia Marketing. Their web site is I have used almost all of their products and they are wonderful.

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I had the same mess ith a SS cook top 22 years ago. It was not a Viking and I can't remember the brand. It had a grill in the center with white, ceramic, briquettes, and some type of grease trapping system below. The people whom I purchased the house from did not have the grease colletion system set up and the grease ran under the cook top 4 all the years they lived there. I scooped 3, 2 pound, coffee cans of grease out of there. I can still remember the smell!!! There were no burner drip pans and the stainless was in great shape. I didin't want to scratch it up by using SOS or some other type of abrasive so I just sprayed the entire top with Easy-Off. The 1 in the yellow can. I had pilot lights so the gas had to B turned off. U get flash back if you don't. It looked brand new. I did this on the underside of the cook top, as well as where all of the grease had collected for years. I think back in those days, I used Top Job, in a spray bottle, mixed with hot water to remove the Easy-Off. This cook top was 25 years old when I moved in and the SS of today has a differant alloy mix than back in those days, so B carefull. I would just do a test spot and see the reaction. Today, I would just use Greased Lightening instead of Top Job. TJ is no longer made. The grates were so full of carbon grease, that they were rough. Easy-Off did not even begin 2 remove that crud. I thought, great the SS looks like new and the grates R terrible. I boiled them, 2 at a time in 2 cups of ammonia and water, in 1 of those, old blue and white enamel, turkey roasters. All of the carbon floated 2 the top, what was left, I scraped off with a cheap, knife. I sprayed them every week with Easy-Off after that, 4, 14 years. They looked brand new. There is another product out there and it works great! Just beware, it will burn your skin to the bone and you have to wear gloves and I have always used eye protection. It's called sokoff. U can purchase it online through I always purchased the qt. #018011. $18.95. This, is really nasty stuff but it works. The 1 thing is, is that U can use it on aluminum and it does not turn it white. I have 1 of those Turkey fryers and it takes all of the carbon grease off with out pitting the pot. It will also work on the original Teflon cookie sheets or Teflon Fry Pans. It will destroy Silver Stone. U can use it on Pyrex, Corning Ware, Brick, or on your garage floor, the fire box, in your gas grill. I had a 12 year old Webber and I had a service guy out here, a few years back. He opened the grill and asked me what I use as grills that had been use 6 months didn't look like mine. I told him about sokoff and he has been using this on motor cycle parts, as he does restorations. I want to tell U that if U have an ejector pump, B sure that U will B around, to run enough water to empty the pit a few times. The last itme I used this stuff, I had to fly to FL for a funeral. I did not run enough water and was out of here in 1 hour. When I returned the sokoff had eaten through all of the rubber seals in the pump and the rubber on the electric cord plus the security system wires. $1,400, I had 2 buy a new 1! The sokoff really works, but learn from my mistakes.

Good Luck


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