Pedestal Tub built into one wall?

LostBreadMay 18, 2012

Hi, all--I've got my heart set on a pedestal/clawfoot tub for our bathroom remodel for aesthetic and comfort reasons (those slopey sides are just too divine). However, we don't have a ton of space and the shower-curtain options are all pretty icky if the tub is free-standing all the way around. Does anyone know of a tub that can be built-in just along one of its long sides? The only one I can find is the City Bath from Urban Archaeology: but no way am I spending $18k on a custom made marble bath... Would something like the Kohler Reve work with a little caulking? I think part of my problem is I don't know how to search.



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What about a drop-in or undermount tub with a fairly small surround? You can get a similar look for a lot less money, and have more space for curtains.

Really, any tub without a 'skirt' would work...

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If you actually want a waterproof shower, then you either want the clawfoot/pedestal with the circle shower curtain, or you want an alcove tub with an integral tile flange. Nothing else will really keep the water out from behind the walls and of the floor if you use the tub as a shower also.

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