'Country Living' - Outdoor Porch Hutch...

slinkeyAugust 27, 2012

'Outdoor Hutch' with Summer Theme to share before Summer is over!

I did this back in May and let's see, how many months did it take me to post??? lol

I LOVE sitting on the porch especially early in the morning w/coffee or in the early evening..I especially enjoy looking at my little goodies on display in this hutch.

I added a few new things I got this Spring/Summer along with what I already had.

The Large Blue Campfire Pot - a great steal for $3...

Up on the left, I got the little bird house w/birdie sitting outside, for $3 -..along with the Corn cobb Pitcher for $1 at the Elephant's Trunk (Flea)..

Speaking about a 'Steal'...I want to share with you the f Print I found at GW right before the Summer...it was half off for - $18. It's beautifully framed and fabric matted. All I had to do was clean the glass...tone down the gold leaf on the frame a bit...and hang it up!! I love the subject 'Goose Girl'...perfect for Sumer. Now I have a picture to hang for the different Seasons!

I'm getting my house ready to put on the market...DD & the DGkids moved this week and DH & I are feeling very sad.

We were going to move back to NY, but as the saying goes,

'You Can't Go Home Again'...not with the way the prices are still very high there. So we bought a piece of land

in the next town that WE LOVE and shop regularly. The great thing too is that it's Close to Everything!

I never adjusted to being 'out in the woods'...Once a City Girl - Always a City Girl!!

Anyway...I'll still be trying to keep up and hopefully do some seasonal decorating and posting. I don't expect this sale to be a quick one with the way the market is...but you never know.

Thanks again for looking...


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Jane, that is so colorful and a joy to look at. No wonder you like to sit out on your porch. Those plates are wonderful! And the Goose Girl was a terrific find, really like how its done... a lot.

Where did your DD and DGK move to? So you're going to build on the land you just bought? I think its great you'll be in a town you both love and things will be close to you again. I always loved the country life, but as I got older, the convenience of city living sort of swayed me to give it up. I was never a City Girl like you, LOL,
but I've adjusted.

By the way, a gal I know I here put her's on the market and there were around 25 in her neighborhood for sale so she wasn't holding her breath. She'd bought land and was having a house built. Well two days after her home was listed, it sold to the first person who looked at it! Wow, in our economy that is amazing. So she and her DH are living in their motorhome for the next 4 months. Luckily they had one I guess. Anyway, will send you lots of good thoughts for things to go quickly and smoothly for you.

hugs, Karen

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Slinkey, I really like your porch hutch---sure makes me wish I had one (porch I mean). I fully realize what you mean about living out in the boonies. Before we moved back off the mountain, down to my house about 6 mi from town, I felt totally isolated, especially in the winter when the roads were bad. As you get older, it makes it easier when you are not so far from everything.I love your goose girl print. and those farm animal plates are so cute, but your arrangement of the white vases and candle s really caught my eye. iT IS ALL JUST PERFECT!I am sure your house won't be on the market long as lovely as it is. Thanks for sharing, Janet

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Marlene Kindred

Love everything in this hutch as well! So many things to look at...I'll bet you do enjoy sitting out there with your coffee. Love picture of goose girl too! So sorry you are selling your house, but I hope you will be very happy in your new home to come.

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I can certainly appreciate how much you would love to sit out there! I would love to join you, although I would prefer tea if you don't mind, LOL.
I love everything in the hutch and the hutch itself!
The Goose Girl was a great find and will add so much to your summer decor!
I hope you are able to build your dream home and I empathize with the nostalgia of selling your current home! Make sure your new home has a special porch for your hutch and your morning coffee!! LOL


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jane...I am happy to hear that your DD & Gr'kids are able to make a 'go of it' out on their own again ...you have been blessed w/their presence & helping to get them on their feet (as the saying goes).

Good luck w/your house prep work...altho it certainly can't need much done...it's so beautiful! (just lotsa' packing, uh!) ;-)

I love your porch table/hutch & I think you caught that bug from me ...so I'm happy to see it again & see that you are enjoying it! Looks very cozy & country! I haven't used our enclosed porch much at all ...this summer has been an A/C summer...& no air out there...just lots of breezy windows! So I am lookin' forward to a Fall decor on the porch again!

That Goose Girl print is wonderful! ...take that w/ya! & I've still got my 'slice-of-wood' sitting on my very full countertop work area here in my computer room...I'll get a watermelon painted yet! LOL! TFS & welcome back to posting, jane! Love it! Jeanne S.

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Ladies, it's so nice to read all your sweet comments.

Karen DD moved back to NY..country life here for her and the kids is not what they're used to which I can truly understand.
DH & I saw a piece of property go up for sale last year. We said what a nice location. Then it went off market and thought it was sold. We didn't give it a second thought because we had no intention of building in CT.
This June, it went up again. It was right after DH and I decided we couldn't afford to go back where we once lived - the taxes would kill us!
So we called immediately and found it just went up at a lower price.. I guess it was meant to be for us (time wise) with DD moving and all. I pray we can sell as quickly as your friend did. Our home in NY sold by word of mouth in one day! The location there was 'gold' half hr commute to the city. I couldn't afford to buy it back if I wanted.

janet...thank you. I hope you're coming along and feeling better. You're right about the older you get - wanting to be closer to everything. I hate having 'to plan' on going to the store and heaven forbid I forget something!
I used to live close to everything and this location, as beautiful as it is, has me depressed most of the time.

marlene...thanks. I'll be downsizing in house and will sell off furniture and stuff...but not my dishes!! lol

Candy...I'd love to share my porch with you...I wish I could still drink tea. Dr's orders 'NO TEA' - with my kidneys it's bad for me (who knew). I plan on another porch for sure and that hutch will definitely be going with me! lol

Thanks Jeanne for your kind words about DD. We enjoyed having them. They 'Filled The House' with their presence!
Seems we did't spend too much Porch Time either this Summer with the heat. Mostly early morning and some evenings when it wasn't buggy! I'm laughing over your
'wood slice'! Come on Jeanne...what's it take to paint it a watermelon!! lol

Thanks again all.

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Your hutch looks so homey and fun Jane, wish I had one for my back patio. Bet anyone who comes to see your home will just fall in love with it! And I'm glad for you to be moving closer to town, was quite worried about you during the winter when your heating fuel was running out and the driver couldn't get in with a new load! Sure hope you will be able to keep lots of those neat cabinets your talented DH has built for you too. Know you miss the gkids already, but so good that they can once again be in their own place. Take care of your health, it's the most important thing of all. Hugs, Luvs

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Jane , Your outdoor hutch is wonderful. It looks like a page out of Country Living. I really love the slice of watermelon.
The goose girl print was a fantastic find.
She looks perfect over your mantel.
I hope your house sell quickly. I'm a transplanted city girl myself. I live in a village in the country.
If I lived on one of the back roads
I would have pulled my hair out a long time ago..

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Thank you Luvs and nana for your sweet compliments.

Luvs...You remember that winter with the oil truck...lol
I'm not looking forward to another episode like it.
That in itself made me feel so isolated.
You're so right about 'good health' being most important.
Seems we just don't take care of ourselves as we should.

nana...what a nice compliment 'Country Living' ! One of my favorite magazines!!
So you being a 'transplanted city girl', can understand
my feelings!! lol It really takes some getting used to
when you just don't have all those conveniences close anymore.
Seems like you're in a perfect 'Village' setting now >> and
yes where I'm located, at times I feel like pulling my hair out too!


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Jane, so glad you had time to share your porch, with decorated hutch. You have such an act for decorating. That large Blue Campfire Pot was a steal at $3. Is the lg corn cup new too?

Amazes me that you even have dishes on the porch! I too plan to make me a watermelon wedge one day like yours. Jeanne is a step ahead of me with already having the wood cut. It all looks wonderful!

So happy you found your 'Goose Girl' picture. It's pretty neat and so you. It will continue to give you the country feel when you sell and move. I'm excited for you to sell and build where it's safer during the winter. Nothing like country livin' but you can just say "been there, done that" and "Movin' On"


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'Nothing like country livin' but you can just say "been there, done that" and "Movin' On" '

You got that right - GF !!

What about you tho... living up on the mountain and traveling in the Winter snows!.. I guess you're still 'young & tough' enough to deal with it awhile more...hehehe

Thanks for your sweet words on my porch hutch and 'Goose Girl' pic. The Corn Pitcher is new/old too. I got it last yr at the end of the Summer and forgot I had it!!
That's what happens when you buy and buy and buy...and
the memory doesn't keep up with it all! lol
Good to hear from you..as I replied in my other post to you - YOU'VE BEEN MISSED !!


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