How to hang or raise a press board vanity bathroom

taras1May 29, 2013

I only have room for a 18" wide by 16" bathroom vanity cabinet and want a little draw on the bottom. I can spend over $500.00 in order to get a little draw on the bottom of the cabinet. I would rather spend more on the fixtures in this bathroom. There is a company that can make the drawer box for me and is not expensive. I can buy the tracks and install it.
My problem is how to raise the vanity cabinet so when the draw comes out it will clear the bathroom through rug. I will be using a granite top around the insert sink. Therefore the vanity will be heavy even though it is little. Can I add a wood strip under both sides of the cabinet which is only a little wider to stick out on the exterior of the cabinet and add molding across that once it is installed. I will be installing tile under the vanity and if I screw the wood into the floor and then sit the vanity on top of it will that be ok or will I have to secure it with a metal clamp inside the cabinet but not sure it will effect the tract. Also not sure if sink overfills will the screw into the tile and wood below make it not water tight. Cab I add wood in the back of part of the cabinet and hang the cabinet. when the walls are off i can add a cross piece of wood inside the walls and just place wood under both sides where the press board vanity will stand and then also secure it inside to the wall. Any idea would be helpful thanks.

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How high do you need to raise the vanity? Maybe a simple piece of plywood ( 3/4" ) would be enough? Just paint it a similar color to the base of the vanity. A couple of spots of hot glue to keep both pieces together.

When you open the vanity doors (to access the plumbing) you should see a 4" strip of wood across the back of the vanity. Use this to afix the vanity to the wall.

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