I think I may hate my Kirby

ynnejNovember 13, 2011

DH let a Kirby salesman in, swearing to me that he wouldn't buy one, that he just wanted to help this salesman win a trip to Vegas. They did the whole sand on the carpet trick, and of course it picked up more than our Dyson. They came at the perfect time, as I just so happened to be on my hands and knees scrubbing our tile floor. They ranted about how I would never have to do that again if I had a Kirby. Several obviously fake phone calls were made as DH haggled with the salesman's supervisor, and the price was brought down to $1000, with the agreement that they could have our Dyson. Yes, the Kirby does work better than the Dyson- but not much. Every time I see it pass over something on the carpet I want to rip my hair out for buying such an expensive machine. The shampooer made our carpets stink. DH looked it up and apparently the company claims that these smells are actually old smells that have been brought to the surface and that that means it's working. Well, if we are going to have carpet odor I would prefer it not be brought to the surface! We've repeated shampooing and they still reek. And the tile? Well, it buffs it. Certainly doesn't clean it. So my knees are in no better shape than before we got it. However, we have had to buy a new vacuum practically every year. If Kirby's hold up as well as they say they do, I suppose it will have been worth it. But it does have me wondering, does anyone else have Kirby regret?

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I feel so bad. Please look at your sales contract. The Kirby people should have given you one. Does it include a guarantee or warranty or at least your money back if not hppy with the purchase ? There are "Lemon Laws" for cars, there should be for any large purchase. There are even some cases where you have three days to cancel a purchase. I hope you can do something. I am genuinely sorry for your experience.

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I've had my Kirby for 16 years, never had any problems with it. It still works great. I know I over paid for it but it has served me well. I'm not crazy about the carpet cleaning procedure, it's easy to get the carpet too wet. Sorry you aren't happy with yours.

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I bought my kirby in the eightys. It was a year old, when I got it. Have never had any problems. Suction is excellent. I use the carpet shampoo system every three months on my white carpet. My carpet is normally dry within an hour. I am using the allergen control formula (lavender scent). I like the smell. I did try using another brand carpet cleaner once. It left my carpet wet for a long time and didnt get it as clean as the kirby carpet shampoo.

What I dont like about the kirby--no on board attachments.
I have used other hand held vacs, when I am to lazy to swith to the hose. They just don't compare to the suction of the kirby.

Bags are expensive. I did find some at the flea market that are a little less expensive. I have to change bags every week. We now have aquired a big hairy great pye. At least she matches the carpet!

Carpet Shampoo $27.

I have to say it is the best $250, I have ever spent on a vacuum plus a carpet cleaner. I guess it will go to my daughter when I croak.

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What do Dyson's cost? 400-500? I'm not positive but I don't think they repair as well. So if your Dyson broke in say 4 years and you had to buy another - you're at your Kirby price. And I doubt you shampoo or clean tiles with your Dyson.
So if your Kirby lasts more than 5 years your better off.
I have one I bought used. I also don't care for the no easy attachments. Never even thought of using it as a shampooer, the suction is good not great. I had a Riccar that had the best suction ever! right after it came home from the repair place, which was fairly often (in fairness I'm hard on vacuums because I don't like to pick up first). The Kirby doesn't need repair as often.

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