Christmas in August. Just had to tell someone....

swest2_gwAugust 27, 2011

Long time lurker, second time poster.

I was meeting a friend for breakfast this morning. I mentioned to her that I had seen an estate sale sign and asked if she would like to go with me and she said she would.

When asked if I found anything I would like to buy, I said yes, this house. However, the house (which was absolutely brillant) had already sold and sold in 3 days!

I did see some Spode Christmas tree dishware so I bought:

2 candleholders

19 dinner plates

7 bowls

1 large platter

10 salad plates

4 canape plates

1 small serving plate

4 butter pats

4 dipping plates

4 smaller bowls

26 cups

27 saucers

1 tea pot

And I paid ...what for it.... $150. When I went to move my truck closer, my friend got 3 offers for the dishes. Then when I told my other friend she offered to buy half for $75. (They threw in a beautiful table cloth and when I emptied the boxes there were four needlepoint chair covers. Like Christmas presents!)

My mother-in-law had a set and I knew they were pricey, so I checked the replacement value and found it to be approximately $1,700.

If you think I made a good deal, please let me know. And if you think the replacement value is a little high, I'd appreciate knowing that also.

This was one of my better finds.


And this was my best find of all.

A couple of years ago I did get service for 12 of Fitz and Floyd dinnerware called "Santa's List" for $15. I had seen it at the GW store for $30 and liked it but I have a lot of Christmas dishware so I passed. There was an ad the next day in the paper that GW was having half off day so I went back (with my same friend) and bought it for $15 and I am so glad I did. However, when I went to pay for it they brought the rest of the set out and I ended up with service for 24!! (I checked and replacement value for one dinner plate is $59.99) Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and enjoy switching out my dishes.

I have concluded my friend is my lucky charm. Ha, ha!

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Oh, I forgot to mention all of the Spode pieces were made in England.

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Congratulations! You got wonderful buys on the Spode and the FF. I see them, usually piece by piece, on eBay and they are pricey! Also thru Replacements.
I think you did great!

hugs, Karen

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Sounds like you had a wonderful time and really found a great bargain--both times! Yep, you'd better have that friend tag along on your future shopping expeditions for sure! ;o) Luvs

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Wow! what a haul!!!
hope you can post some pictures.

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Well, your tables (you'll need more than one!) will be all decked out for Christmas! Great finds...great bargain $$$...& yes, piece by pc, I think Replacements is extremely high ...but when you're tring to find just the one missing pc!! Thanks for posting! (yes, you can always tell us! LOL!) Jeanne S.

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Thank you for the warm welcome. Unfortuneately, I don't know how to post pictues, but will ask my son for HELP.

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Really good deals I remember the time I was in love with anything F&F. I've curtailed my passion for decorating but love to hear of others good finds!!!

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Marlene Kindred

Sounds like you hit the jackpot...twice! I think I'd take that friend with you every time you go to an estate sale.

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You did great! Christmas is my fav time too and I have to really convience myself that I really don't need any more Christmas dishes, If I had the storage room for them I would probably have a different table setting for every day from Thanksgiving until New Years, I do still buy the individual serving plates that I find at GW or other thrifts, and save them until I need to give a cake or something like that to friends or family, then I just give the plate too, so I don't have to worry about getting it back. I'm like you, I don't do the pic thing yet, but I am determined that one of these days I will.Janet

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Swest, here's a link to a post last year with photo posting instructions from some of our gang. It might help you.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: how to post pictures

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Welcome, happy for you will your great find on the Spode dishes, tablecloth and needlepoint chair covers. Do you have a large family cause you have enough to entertain alot with this haul.LOL I sure hope DS can help so you will be able to share pictures with us.

I went and looked up your F & F dishes and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! My kind of dishes...I love most of their collections. Keep that friend and shop whenever you have time and let us know what you find.haha

Good Deals, NOOO, Great Deals. Replacement value is what ever you are able to sell something for. If I was you, I wouldn't sell either set you have. Hope you will continue to post with us here.


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So my friend and I met again for breakfast and decided to go to the GW on the way home. There sitting on the self calling to me was the Spode Christmas tree coffee thermos for $2.95! She is definitely going everywhere with me from now on!!!!

Also got some stuffed toys for one of our dogs, Jack. He loves his toys and has his own toy box. We've decided he is a Jackapoo (part Jack terrior and part poodle). We did not know that when we named him, he just looked like a Jack. Just Jack!!!

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Sounds like you got a great deal.
I know is very pricey. Yet, when they offer to buy something from you they offer a dime, seriously!
Enjoy your new treasures, the enjoyment is priceless!

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I'd love to see those Fitz & Floyd xmas dishes, what a HUGE bargain on those. I bet they are beautiful.

Will look forward to tables with all your lovely dishes!

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